i have never lived in nyc, however i travel there so much over the years for work and events. i’ve often wondered what my place would look like if i lived there. it’s fun to get a peek into people’s places, especially the places of people with great style.

one kings lane just did a tour of bobby graham and matthew marden’s west village apartment/ take a tour here. matthew is the style director of esquire and bobby works in pr at blitzer & company. i’ve gotten to know bobby pretty well because blitzer does my PR. i feel like i know matthew through instagram and through friends. they are the nicest guys, and they have so much style. 

matthew is from Massachusetts and grew up in a very traditional home filled with early american antiques and bobby has southern roots, therefore he loves colorful art and pretty china. their place is a combination of all the things each of them love… i find it charming, very inviting and super cozy.

their apartment perfectly reflects each of their styles which makes it very cool and very authentic….this is what i call west village style. 


kayce hughes is a brilliant artist and a dear friend. she created so many beautiful pieces of art the 2017 coastal living idea house i designed in newport, rhode island. the house has closed and many of kayce’s pieces of art are for sale on her website/ shop here

she posted them all yesterday and i noticed today so many of them are already sold. if you want one of these very special and beautiful pieces of art by kayce you better hurry, just like her, they are so great!


it’s fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like fall here in L.A. it was 105 degrees here today. 

trying to get into the mood for fall, these images of jenny walton from a past j.crew feature might just do the trick. i found these pictures while on pinterest this weekend/ see the story here. love the stripes, the trenches, the chinos, the navy blue, and most importantly, love all the fun that she is having!!!

hurry up fall- we are all ready for you!