New Years Eve 2017


i’m so ready for 2018- aren’t you? 2017 was a tough year for all and i have a feeling the new year is going to be great for all. 

when i think of the new year i think of a clean start and fresh outlook, therefore, i crave simple things and neutral tones. before we get to the new year we have to think about new years eve. i don’t know about you but i will probably be all cozy at home to ring in the new year, maybe i’ll hang out in black tie to celebrate the occasion. 

i love all these pinterest pins…they are clean, simple and pretty neutral. they are also a little elegant and festive, after all it’s new years eve before it’s new years. 

happy new years everyone- i’m really looking forward to a new year. 


it was announced last week that phoebe philo will be leaving céline. you could almost hear an audible gasp throughout the universe. 

phoebe took over as the creative director of céline almost ten years ago. she took an almost no name french brand and made it into a house hold name. it was only a matter of time and everyone was wearing céline and carrying céline, their stores became architectural marvels, the advertising was a sensation and phoebe was basically worshipped by all.

i don’t know if i can actually put my finger on what céline meant to today’s fashion- i think it was something about timeless sex appeal with modern restraint….how’s that sound? 

whatever it was, and whatever we now feel, one thing is certain phoebe created the céline cult- we were all members, now we are lost. 


some of you might remember alice naylor-leyland’s english countryside home that was recently published in architectural digest. i did a post on it/ see here. alice has fantastic style…it’s old school meets fantasy. she loves color, she loves pattern, she loves pretty things. did a tour of her house for christmas. not a surprise, it’s a christmas fantasy. enjoy the tour….and i have a feeling her house with or without decoration, always feels like christmas. 

isn’t it refreshing seeing a young lady today that loves tradition and pretty things? i think so.