I’m such a proud dad. lily (a.k.a. HRH Lily) stars in a new book about designers and their dogs. the book is called at home with dogs and their designers and it comes out october 3rd, but you can pre order now here. 

susanna salk wrote the book and the majority of the photographs are by stacey bewkes. susanna stepped into the lives of several designers and their dogs. some of the designers include bunny williams, charlotte moss, brian McCarthy, carolyne roehm, and steven gambrel.

if you have a dog, you know how special they are and how much they are loved. we become their’s versus them being ours, and as you know, they are allowed to do pretty much anything they want. 

this book is really special. reading all the stories i more than once got a tear in my eye. life can give us so many things, lot’s of ups and even a lot of downs, but when you have a dog (a best friend) life is beautiful…and we all know us designers like things to be beautiful. 

Annina Mislin


it’s fun to meet a new face fresh. annina mislin is a stylist that lives here in L.A. in silverlake . she’s orginally from switzerland and was raised in canada. i’ve been following her during fashion weeks for the last few years. she always looks chic and takes classics and makes them her own.

this season at spring nyfw she showed up with a new bob haircut wearing jeans, a chambray shirt and a boxy grey tweed blazer. pictures showed up of her on all the sites, and the the return of classic fashion was the story (she also helped make orange the trend color of the season).

i love classic fashion and a woman with chic style. annina has it all in spades. 



Soane britain is the best of the best. the british company has the best furniture, the best fabrics, and the best lighting. their new fall 2017 c0llection just launched and i for one cannot wait to use all of it in upcoming projects. here is a preview. 

these pictures are absolutely beautiful, but truly seeing what they do in person is even better. the new fabrics and wallpapers arrived in our studio a few weeks ago and i have to tell you the colors, the patterns and the prints are sensational. 

there’s not much anymore that takes my breath away, but i have to say soane always does….that’s why i always call everything they do ‘sensational!’