there’s nothing like a family home that has been shared over generations. even better when the family home was designed by the great renzo mongiardino

if you are familiar with cabana magazine, it’s no surprise that the editor-in-chief, martina sarotoga, grew up in homes designed by renzo. you can see his inspiration and his elegant bohemian hand in each issue. architectural digest takes us on a tour of martina’s family home, villa ronche, in the october issue/ take a tour here. 

the villa is thirty minutes outside venice and was renovated and decorated by renzo in the early 60’s with martina’s grandparents. renzo applied his mastery to the home by not only making is grand and elegant, but also functional and comfortable….and its stayed the same way for the last 50 years. 

growing up martina spent two weeks of every year in the summer with her cousins at the villa. her parents were married there, martina and her husband were too. martina still visits each year with her three children. 

something about this home touched me, i think it’s the story of a family home decorated once by a great designer, and appreciated now by generations. without a doubt villa ronche is a special place. not only is it beautiful, it’s filled with memories, love, and revere for one the best designers there ever was. 

photographs by miguel flores- vianna. 


i’m not sure exactly what the theme is of this weeks pretty pins, other than the fact they are just “pretty.” there’s some red, some stripes, some twombly art, some flowers, and not a surprise, a lot of blue…

….and when the last pin is ten supermodels in ball skirts and on ladders, there’s also lot’s of glamour and even some drama. enjoy!

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I don’t know about you, but i want to live in cabana magazine. now we can, kinda.

martina saratoga, the editor of the magazine, has just designed her second table top collection and it’s available for pre-order now exclusively on moda operandi/ shop here. i’m a bit obsessed with the saffron colored dishes, that color is divine, as are the painted floral glasses. 

Lauren santa domingo threw a party in london to celebrate the collection. here are some pictures- totally chic! see what i mean, i bet you now want to live in cabana magazine too.