you know i have a thing for big white houses, i always will, but now a have a new thing for big pink houses. this big pink house that bunny williams designed is my new crush.

the pink house is in the hamptons and it’s featured in the new architectural digest. once i got past the pink facade i enjoyed the tour inside. the mix of color is divine. love all the brightly colored rooms intermingled with chintzes and an array of fabulous antiques. bunny is the best at this mix and truly understands like no other how to make timeless design look modern. 

this isn’t just any pink house, this is a perfectly appointed masterpiece. my crush no doubt has turned into love. 

photographs by douglas friedman. 


Chiara Totire


who’s that girl and what is she wearing?

it’s chiara totire, a former pharmacist and now stylist and anna dello russo’s protege, and she’s wearing dodo bar or. 

i think she’s so beautiful, so natural looking, and her dress is beautiful. she caught my eye in recent street fashion photos and now i’m obsessed with her and her dress. 


The Surf Club


we are in miami for the week for a much needed get-a-way. i know you are thinking “why miami, it’s so hot?” believe it or not, it’s not so bad and the humidity is good for my skin. 

we just got here, but we have already visited the surf club and had dinner at le sirenuse -amazingly chic and beautiful. 

the Mediterranean revival beach club dates back to 1930. the surf club interiors were just reimagined by designer joseph dirand. his hand is so elegant yet comfortable, you feel like your are somewhere very special, something from another time, but modern. 

then you have the connecting the four seasons hotel and residences designed by richard meier. the juxtaposition of the modern residences and the iconic mediterranean design of the club takes your breath away. 

i’m feeling so inspired, and in my opinion that’s the best kind of vacation.