so most of you might see this post and think that i have gone off the deep end. i haven’t, i promise. it’s not the look i usually post about, but for a few reasons i’m intrigued.

this is the apartment in copenhagen of designer oliver gustav. oliver is causing quite a stir in the design world with his edited eye and clean aesthetic. oliver just opened up a design studio in nyc offering a curated collection of things and his design services. 

i’m intrigued also with the grey color palette. it’s cool and feels fresh to me. grey is not the color i’m usually drawn too, but for many reasons i’m beginning to get into it. 

this is what makes design and beauty so intriguing, you never know when something might change your mind. so for now i’m saying “hey to grey!”

photographs from the ny times

Rebecca de Ravenel


everyone wants the perfect outfit….. and guess what? i think i have it right here.

rebecca de ravenel, famous for her les bon bon earrings, has launch some new designs….a chic silk shirt dress, a fabulous bucket bag and some new glamorous hoop earrings….put it all together and you have the perfect outfit.

the ming shirt comes in 8 colors, her new lolli bucket bag also in 8 colors, and the hoop la la earrings in 6 colors (each color has it’s own name), all of them are available for pre-order on moda operandi/ shop here

leave it to rebecca to come up with the perfect outfit, and the best news, it’s all you’ll need!


Markham Roberts


the new house beautiful has a great project by designer markham roberts in it/ take a tour here. i especially love the blue and white bedroom in the feature.

all the layers of blue and white pattern and texture are signature markham. got me thinking of all the pretty blue and white bedrooms markham has designed over the years. there are a lot, here are a few of my favorites and they are all so beautiful!

markham is one of my favorite designers for obvious reasons, he exudes all-american style and great taste. he’s so talented and he sure knows how to do blue and white, especially a blue and white bedroom. enjoy!