the other day i did a post on michael de perno and andrew fry’s gramercy park apartment. they own the store plain goods in connecticut. the store started out as a very well edited and chic home goods, but it looks like they are embracing the complete paired down lifestyle by adding a new fashion line for both men and women. here is a peek at their fall / winter campaign. 

i love the simplicity and restraint in the collection. the details of both the clothes and the campaign remind of banana republic a very long time ago when it was all about classic fashion like chinos, white shirts, flannel, trench coats and cashmere… you remember that time and those iconic BR campaigns shot by bruce weber?

fashion has become so loud and fussy, i love how paired down these clothes are. as you can see there’s nothing wrong with simple and classic fashion, after all plain is good. 

photographs by lisa spindler. 

Hubert de Givenchy (1927-2018)


i’ve been trying to figure out how to best pay tribute to hubert de givenchy who passed away yesterday at 91. it’s hard to find the words when someone so influential and important has left us. 

i have done so many posts on him and his beautiful homes over the years (see a few here and here). truly, his life is such an inspiration. he’s like my hero. there is no one who had more style, more class, or more talent. 

he was a brilliant designer and from all i have read a wonderful person and a great friend. 

audrey hepburn was his muse and his lifelong dearest friend. i’m sure she is happy to see him again and i know he’s happy to see her. thinking of them together again somehow feels comforting. 

RIP Hubert. there will never ever be another like you. 



what do you get when an interior designer and a fashion designer meet and then move into a wonderful 800 square foot place on gramercy park together, well, If you are lucky, you get a chic apartment like this. architectural digests new site, clever, gives us a tour. 

the couple and owners of this apartment are michael de perno and andrew fry. i’ve known michael for years and i used to work with andrew at banana republic. michael and andrew also own plain goods store in litchfield county, connecticut. 

like their store plain goods, their apartment is perfectly curated and neutral. it’s stylish, understated, layered and full of restraint. i love all the textures, finishes, and patina’s.

there’s also a bit of luxury, which is necessary, especially when yout apartment is on the park. the other park- gramercy park.