i’m still craving neutrals and less stuff. i always feel like this at the beginning of a new year, but more this year than normal. maybe it’s because 2017 was a really bad year, i’m trying to clean it all away. 

here are my favorite pinterest pins this week. especially inspired by ricardo bofill’s house in an abandoned cement factory in the outskirts of barceolona, spain- it’s not only neutral, it’s terribly chic.  


i can’t get montecito out of my mind. the recent mudslides have been so destructive and immense. i’m  thinking about this beautiful place and praying it will be restored and come back and be better than ever. 

i have such wonderful memories of montecito. i’ve been blessed to spend a lot of time there and work on some of the most beautiful homes there as well. as far as i know most of all the properties we have worked on are safe. so thankful, especially grateful for the families that live in these homes. 

here’s a look at one of my favorite homes i have decorated in montecito. the people that live there are so special and wonderful. the home was featured in veranda a few years ago. thankful for these memories. 

photographs by max kim-bee



montecito has always had my heart. we have been so fortunate to spend a lot of time there and to have decorated a lot of homes there. it’s truly my favorite place- it’s beautiful, serene, relaxed, sophisticated and i always say, it’s magic. 

a few days ago montecito suffered yet another disaster. a few weeks ago it was fires, now it’s mudslides that have caused horrific damage and deaths. i was there installing a house. seeing it first hand was not only scary, it was life changing. my heart is broken for everyone effected by this. 

i have made friends with so many people there, not just clients. we know the people in restaurants, the shop owners we love to buy from, the people at the hotels. so many lovely people that call montecito home. my heart aches for them. this will forever change their lives. 

understanding why these things happen, and why they happen to wonderful people perplexes me. hard to imagine the bigger plan. sometimes all we can do is pray. 

i pray that people stay safe, i pray they return home, i pray they rebuild not only their homes, but their lives. i pray they hold tight to their memories. i pray for all the animals, i hope they get reunited with their families. i pray that the small businesses prosper and come back stronger than ever. i pray for the nature that surrounds this precious town, may it flourish. i pray for the police, the fireman, the leaders of the community… i pray they maintain strength, resilience and focus. 

most importantly i pray that montecito not only heals, but that it becomes stronger, better, if possible, more beautiful…i know it will, i know this because montecito is magic.