I was sad to hear that Barbara bush just died. I have always admired her. She was strong, smart and loved her family very much. She seemed to be more than politics. 

just this week i was looking at claiborne swanson frank’s new book called mother and child. there is a portrait of all the bush women. i was struck with how wonderful this particular picture was. now its even more special. 

RIP Barbara Bush (June 8, 1925- April 17, 2018)



i recently designed a special collection exclusively for moda operandi. it’s available now for pre-order here. 

the collection is beautiful. i especially love the polka dots and the introduction of black for the first time into our palette.

of course there are lots of ruffles and bows, it wouldn’t be an mds stripes collection without. my favorite piece is the new everything blouse, you can wear in wrapped, tied in front or completely backwards, it does everything and the best part is that is comes in stripes. 

this collection is so special. i love collaborating with moda. i hope you find something you love for summer!

The Row Pre-Fall 2018


i was looking at my friend preston davis’s blog, keep it chic, the other day. she did a post on the row’s new pre-fall 2018 collection. i just to too. as always the row is non-trendy, classic and lasting. i don’t know about you, but this is exactly what i think we need more of!

also, bravo to the sisters for using model georgina grenville with no noticeable make up and from what i can tell, very little retouching….

the the pre-fall collection is an all around celebration of real beauty.