Coastal Living Idea House 2017


i decorated this years coastal living idea house in newport, rhode island. the new September coastal living is on stands now featuring the house. pick up a copy, i think you will enjoy seeing more of the house and seeing my ode to blue and white. Coastal living is an amazing magazine and organization. i was honored to work with them. 

i wanted to show the range of blue and white. my favorite color combination. everyone thinks of blue and white as well, just blue and white, but there are so many sides to blue. we played with tones and combinations. there are florals, batiks, checks, embroideries, and of course, there are lots of blue and white stripes. if you were able to visit the house, i think you will agree, blue and white will never be the same, it’s even better than ever. 

there are so many people to thank for support8ing us in the house. of course we have to think horan building and architect alec r. tesa. they were amazing to work with. there partnership made this such a huge success. 

then there are so many vendors and friends that lent there support with product. no one said “no”, everyone was beyond generous. i am forever grateful. blue and white brought us all together and i am so proud.

special thanks to farrow and ball who did all the paint and many of the wallpapers. then of course my family companies- merida studio, schumacher, henredon and soane britain. big, big, big thanKs to my work room , valley drapery, who literally moved mountains- i’m so thankful!!

i also want to think all of my friends that are artists. the art plaid a big role in the house. thank you kayce hughes, matt albiani, kate schelter, catherine b. jones, susan hable, wendover art group and natural curiosities. this house celebrates you as much as it does blue and white. 

the magazine story is titled, “the new traditional”. this house is this and more. i keep telling everyone who will listen that it’s a love story of blue and white. i hope you enjoy the romance- it’s really beautiful!!

i’m so grateful to everyone who made this house beautiful! i have to mention the following. 

  • Aesthetic Decor
  • Quadrille 
  • Samuel & Sons
  • Serena & Lily
  • Raoul Textiles 
  • William- Sonoma Home
  • Made Goods
  • Oomph
  • Amy Berry Designs
  • Bungalow Classic
  • Carolina Irving Textiles
  • Cowtan & Tout
  • Firecaly Tile
  • Hollywood at Home
  • Lindroth Designs
  • Lisa Fine Textiles
  • Matouk
  • Mecox Gardens
  • Middle Kingdom
  • Newport Lamp & Shade
  • Pigott’s Store
  • Pindler
  • Reid Classics
  • Robert Allen
  • Thibaut
  • waterworks 

i had to save the best for last. thank you to my team, there are no words really to express my gratitude and thanks. and lastly, to my my dear friend and creative partner amy neunsinger photographed the project for coastal living. she’s another reason why it’s so beautiful. 



i was on pinterest most of today pinning inspiration for projects. it was a relaxing day. 

i pinned a picture of stephen sills home and gardens i’d never seen before and discovered a new water color artist on kayce hughes pinterest page. for some reason i found myself pinning a lot of polka dots. i also pinned several pictures from my friend sarah bartholomew’s glorious red, white and blue show house room in atlanta. 

i’m always pinning stripes, blue and white, and glorious gardens, but i have to say what i’ve been pinning most lately are pinterest pins of princess diana. i can’t get her out of my mind. she was so beautiful. her life was so tragic. i hope she somehow knows how much everyone misses her and how much we all still love her. 

Vogue 125


vogue magazine is celebrating their 125th anniversary with their new september issue, and oh what an issue it is! can you believe vogue is 125 years old? let’s have a party!!

jennifer lawrence, the girl that everyone loves, graces the cover. there are four collectors edition covers photographed by annie leibovitz and inez and vinoodh. one of the covers is a portrait of jennifer by american artist john currin, which is really cool and super inspiring. 

if this isn’t enough, vogue also included the statue of liberty on one of the covers with jennifer. i found this very moving, very relevant and a very important message.

” Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

let us never forget these words engraved on lady liberty, this is what makes america so beautiful, 

happy birthday vogue- let’s celebrate what’s really beautiful and let freedom always ring!