street fashion is usually way over the top. during fashion weeks everyone is vying for the camera. bold prints, clashing patterns, layers on layers, and flashy accessories always take center stage.

it was a kinda refreshing, and a bit surprising, to see so many trench coats over the coarse of the recent fall 2017 collections in new york city and london.

i love a classic trench. it’s a fashion staple that works no matter the season, no matter the weather, goes with everything and most importantly, it’s always stylish and chic. truly, for many reasons, a classic trench is a natural!

street phot0graphs from,, and french vogue.

1- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_9740_jpg_6178_north_1160x_white 1.5- hbz-street-style-nyfw-fw2017-day7-16 2- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_8230_jpg_9225_north_660x_white 4- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day7__20170215_7483_jpg_8282_north_499x_white 5- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day3__20170211_7230_jpg_2649_north_1160x_white 6- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_9623_jpg_3139_north_499x_white 7- Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.00.22 AM 8- Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.59.51 AM 8.5- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_0309_jpg_4273_north_660x_white 9- paris_fw2017_voguefr_day2__20170210_3207_jpg_7457_north_499x_white 11- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day7__20170215_7540_jpg_9382_north_499x_white 12- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_8971_jpg_4960_north_660x_white


about this time last year i started working on my living room for the southern living 2016 show house in birmingham (i’m starting another big show house now, doing the entire house, more to come on that very soon). i got to thinking, and i realized i never showed the final pictures from the show house. so here they are!

for those of you that have my book BEAUTIFUL, you know i like to organize my work by color and theme. this project would have fit in perfectly in the ‘Natural Territory’ chapter. the warm palette of neutrals, layered and mixed with lot’s of textures like rattan, rush, and cane create not only a perfect palette cleanser, they create a room that is elegant, inviting, comfortable, timeless, and if i do say so myself, very beautiful!

i hope you enjoy the final photographs taken by david hillegas of the living room i designed for the 2016 southern living idea house. if you want to see more of my projects, please visit our new website and tour unseen portfolio images here.

have a great week, i hope you make it beautiful!

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happy sunday! i’ve been pinning all morning and here are some of my favorite pinterest pins this week .

this post is chalked full of all the things i love- blue and white fabrics, classic architecture, farrow and ball wall papers (btw- check out the new spring 2017 domino, they did a feature on all  my favorite wallpapers), lush green gardens, stripes, beautiful interiors and of course, the kennedy’s…bring back camelot!

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