Oscar de la Renta


the highlight of my recent trip to houston was getting a private tour of the new exhibit on oscar de la renta at the the museum of fine arts houston, perfectly named the glamour and romance of oscar de la renta. most of you know oscar is one of my style icons and i’m a devoted fan. getting to see his beautiful clothes over the years up close and in this amazing setting was a treat. 

the exhibit was a continuation of the exhibit that was in san francisco last year, however, andrea leon talley, who curated the show, made this show it’s own. i believe he only used about 40 pieces from the sf show and added so many more looks donated by the great ladies of texas- lynn wyatt and laura bush to name a few. 

andre, along with my friend erika bearman, told the story of oscar’s life long inspiration…his early years in spain, the influence of russia and asia on his collections, and of course his constant inspiration (mine too), his beautiful garden in kent. there also were so many recognizable and iconic dresses sprinkled through out worn by actresses, models, society, brides, and first ladies.

oh what a show! if you are in houston any time soon, you must see it. we all need a little more glamour in our lives and romance too. enjoy!




you’d think i would have the holidays on my mind, not yet. i’m thinking about zuber, georgetown architecture, zuber, pretty flowers, american antiques, yellow, and always, jackie. 

here are my favorite pinterest pins this week- aren’t they pretty?! happy sunday!




for some reason my thoughts and what inspires me is always a little opposite of reality. right now my mind is on gardens, flowers and botanicals, and it probably should be on the holidays. sorry to say i have no gift guides in store for you all, can’t really get into it yet. 

thank goodness it’s not just me. my friend john yunis also has gardens on his mind. his instagram is truly the most inspiring and so informative. he’s always giving us peeks and tours of the most sensational properties and gardens.

this time it’s the gardens at seven pines in new hope pennsylvania. seven pines was bought by designers thomas brookes kyle and jerome f. murray in 1978. these pictures are by derek fell from a 1983 architetcural digest. 

seven pines is about 100 acres – it has a yew garden and 28,000 daffodils. By 1983 it had things like 25 acres of lawn, a greatly enlarged pond as well as acres of roses and a number of farm animals. 

as you can see from these pictures, the beautiful flowers are the highlight of Seven Pines. thank you john for highlighting them for all of us to see and be inspired by. for many reasons i feel like you and i have like minds.