i’ve been at high point market in north carolina this last week for my henredon furniture collection. i’ve been walking around and seeing so much furniture. i’m a little over stimulated and craving simple things and neutrals…i guess my current mood is apparent in my favorite pinterest pins this week….

funny how my moods always are reflected throughout the week via my pinning….

Dries Van Noten


dries van noten is celebrating 30 years in the business. his fall 2017 collection marked his 1ooth fashion show. here is a peek at the show and the collection.

dries brought together models that have walked his runways over the years to this show to celebrate this landmark achievement and milestone….i mean have you ever heard of a designer staying anywhere for 30 years? remarkable and inspiring. 

to continue this celebration a new documentary called Dries was just released. the film follows Van Noten over two years of work, interspersed with reflections over his past collections. We go inside his atelier, his office, his factories, and even his home as the director traces a unique vision from inspiration to conception, to fabric choices, to embroidery artisans in India, to rehearsals, to showtime.

next up a new book, dries van noten 1-100, that celebrates his 100 collections and the cinematic fashion shows he is legendary for. 

fun fact- dries has never paid for advertising. in this world of self promotion and over marketing he has solely relied on his talent, his vision, his artistry and 100 beautiful and cinematic fashion shows- this is truly something to celebrate. 

this post is dedicated to my dearest courtney tilinski- she loves dries.  


Renzo Mongiardino


what happens when one of the best designers of all time connects with one of the most innovative and inspiring magazines today? you get the new book on renzo mondgiardono by cabana editor martina sarotoga called the interiors and architecture of renzo mongiardino; painterly vision.

renzo, also a theatrical set designer, was a genius designer that celebrated artisans and artistry. his mastery of layering and details was second to none. there’s been a lot of books on renzo over the years, but this one is special because martina grew up in homes designed by renzo, in fact, i did a post on her grandparents home that renzo designed/ take a tour here. she still visits the home each summer with her family and is still inspired by it’s timeless beauty.

the book takes a fresh look at the interiors of renzo, most never seen before. lush interiors with trompe l’oeil finishes, museum-quality antiques, sumptuous fabrics, and a bewitching theatricality for clients that were elite members of the worlds of fashion, art, and society.

welcome to the world of renzo, and in many ways the world of cabana magazine- enjoy the painterly vision!