Michael Hainey


i’ve been following the men’s fall 2018 fashion shows in europe this past week. i especially like seeing what people are wearing to the shows, the street fashion.

to be honest it’s all a little out there, i think everyone looks like they are in cartoons. i guess it’s over my head. 

one guy has stood out, michael hainey, the executive director of editorial at esquire, always looks stylish. his look is houndstooth, pinstripes, corduroy and glen plaids worn with cashmere scarves, skull caps, varsity ties and down anoraks. 

michael’s look is not revolutionary, but it is dapper- i like his duds!


I was in San Francisco a few months ago and i was ecstatic to get a tour of my good friend hillary thomas‘ beautiful home in presidio heights. the house is as fabulous as she is. every detail is attended too, therefore it’s not a surprise architectural digest visited too and just featured it. 

the six- bedroom, six-bathroom english tudor mansion has a history. it was built in 1914 by noted san francisco architect houghton sawyer. sawyer was hired by the venerable Potter family to build them a stately manor in the heart of the city right after the major earthquake of 1906. the house over the years has had 4 different owners and had been neglected and had ill-advised alterations. enter thomas who saw promise and gave it life, light and a youthful point of view. 

what i was struck with when i visited the house was the scale of everything. large homes are not easy to make feel warm and welcoming. hillary did it with a beautiful green, blue and grey color palette, and with a rich mix of textures and furnishings. the house is historic and feels important, but since hillary touched it, it feels modern and approachable. not an easy thing to pull off.

one last thing about my fabulous friend and her fabulous house. don’t ever be fooled by the dark exterior and seriousness of this house, once inside, it’s just like hillary, it’s is full of light, beauty, style and fun!

photographs by douglas freidman



the news lately has not been so great. we’ve had fires, mudslides, bitter cold, and so many other things not worth mentioning. sometimes it takes something as simple as love to change our mood and lift our spirits. there really is nothing like love. 

my sweet friend grace sickles, style editor at tory burch, married the love of her life john harris late last year in connecticut. her wedding was just featured on vogue.com (you must read about there love story and main event here.) i’m very good friends with grace’s sister lexi and her mom charlotte barnes. these girls feel more like family than friends. 

grace has her own style and it’s really great. she didn’t want the same old stuffy connecticut wedding. she wanted to bring a little of the bahamas to connecticut (reference: Lyford Cay). there were tiki torches, nine foot canvas palm trees, elephant ear palm leaves, hundreds of candles in glass vases, and custom hunter green and white bamboo printed fabric by quadrille on all the tablecloths and napkins. 

grace is a fashion girl, therefore, her wedding dress was quite the topic. she chose vera wang. her choice was elegant, a bit sexy, yet very chic and of course, a little unexpected. i love that her dress had a touch of black and as we all know the color black is having a new moment…..of course grace knew this and anticipated this before we all did…

i along with so many friends and loved ones wish grace and john a long life together filled with happiness, joy and love…. i also want to thank them for reminding us of all that really matters- that is love.