today was a beautiful day. the united states postal service launched a collection of forever stamps commermorating oscar de la renta and his wonderful legacy/ read more about it here.

i love that each of the stamps highlights a detail from oscars beautiful designs- brilliant colors, rich embroideries, vibrant florals, radiant sequins, and romantic ruffles. all oscar signatures, all beautiful, now they will be with us all forever.

in honor of the occasion the fashion house hosted an event today at grand central terminal. of course annette de la renta was there along with her daughter eliza reed bolen. secretary hillary clinton, looking rested and elegant in hot pink, new york city mayor michael bloomberg and anna wintour all spoke of their love and affection for oscar.

i for one love to send notes, a gracious and generous form of communication that is becoming novel, but hopefully now with these beautiful new stamps the tides will turn and there with be a desire to write more notes.

i miss oscar so much, but with these stamps we will all have a piece of him forever.

buy the u.s. forever oscar de la renta stamps here.

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