i was in houston over the weekend for a book signing at FOUND, which by the way was amazing. when i travel i try to take in the architecture of the city, my favorite thing to do is drive around and look at houses. i also try to see cultural landmarks that help define the city. houston is known for it’s modern art movement and the menil collection represents this beautifully/ read all about it here. 

the menil is located inside a 30 acre neighborhood of art. i was mesmerized by the simplicity of the all white structure and how it sat on a huge flat green lawn. it was breathtaking, so graphic and clean. it was raining the day i visited, there was a few bolts of lightning that added to the moment.

the main building of the menil houses special exhibits (currently featuring Picasso the Line, and exhibit of the artist drawings ) and the permanent collection of the menil’s founder john and dominique menil that is rotated often.

the main building anchors a campus with three other museums: two are dedicated two are dedicated to single artists (Cy Twombly and Dan Flavin) and another to year-long installation projects; a fourth building is under construction for a drawing institute. whats also fascinating is the museum has bought all of these bungalows lining the streets, all painted grey, they are rented out to tenants by the museum. these simple grey structures just add to the simple and captivating setting. 

the hallmark of the Menil is making art accessible which is vital to the Menil’s mission, so no admission is charged and all public.  programs are free. if you are in houston anytime soon, a visit to the Menil is a must, i only hope when you are there it’s lightning!

a special thanks to my dear friend paloma contreras who hosted me over the weekend. discovering this treasure with her made this place even more special.


1-1103-0517_crop 2-menil-14 3-menil-37 4-menil-38 5-menil-309-flavin-main-lobby

Paris, musÈe Picasso. MP794.

Drawing by Picasso 


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