here’s the fruit of a 20 year relationship, and i mean that literally. that’s the amount of time that miranda brooks has been tending anna wintours garden on the wrong side of the highway to the hamptons. here’s a tour of  anna’s enchanting garden that was recently featured in t magazine.

anna’s property is 40 acres and encompasses two adjacent properties. as you will see it’s a very, very special place. you most read the full story here and get a video tour of the garden by miranda here.

i think this passage from the article sums up the spirt of the garden and the care of it’s caretaker….“While Brooks’s style is romantic, pastoral, on the edge of wild, almost haphazard — long grass meadows threaded with mown paths and patterned with fruit trees, vine-covered arbors, rustic gates and self-sown plants (those whose seeds land where they may, producing offspring in unanticipated places) — the garden has in fact been lovingly tended and carefully considered for the past 20 years.”

enjoy the tour of the most enchanted garden.


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