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fashion girl amanda cutter brooks gave up the city life for the country. what was supposed to be a year long escape from the hectic pace of nyc has turned into a four year stay and it doesn’t look like she is leaving anytime soon.

amanda was most recently the creative director of barney’s. her husband fifteen years her senior, artist christopher brooks, was from the cotwolds in england. christopher lived in nyc as well but held on to his family home that was treated as a summer retreat. amanda had had it with nyc and wanted to focus on her family. she suggested the family move to the country, everyone said yes, and everyone is very happy.

their home is absolutely charming, loaded with style and charachter. the house is featured in the new architectural digest/ take a tour here. i’ve seen pictures of the house before, but these oberto gili pictures are stunning. my friend carolina irving did the styling- beautiful!

the new architectural digest is fabulous. it’s the yearly fashion issue and it’s the new editor-in-chief amy astley’s first issue. one fun fact i discovered from the story is that christopher’s first wife, miranda brooks, the genius landscape designer, did the gardens of the country house. i didn’t realize that miranda had been married to christopher…

this house is really special and rare. i mean amanda lives there, miranda did the gardens, carolina helped make it beautiful, oberto captured it perfectly and amy has shared it with the world. all i can say is “thank you” to all of you and “congrats” amy on your new role.


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