Sarah Bartholomew


i’m so proud of my dear friend sarah barthlomew. sarah is a very, very talented interior designer from nashville. she’s also a mother to four precious children and the wife of one of the kindest men i know. sarah is featured in this months house beautiful as the latest designer to be given the honor of “the next wave.”

sarah and i love pretty much the same things. i’m sure you all have a friend that shares with you common interests and goals. someone that likes to talk about the same things, see the same things, and most important, feel the same things that you do.

one of the many things that sarah and i both love is the color combination of blue with green. every time i see something beautiful that’s blue and green i think of sarah. it’s one of her design signatures and it was the color combination highlighted in the house beautiful feature.

i thought i’d pay tribute to sarah, her talent and her HB feature by pulling together some pictures of blue and green. i found most of them on sarah’s pinterest and from her portfolio on her website. i love sarah very much and i always say “blue loves green”.

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Paris Fashion Week September 2011, Amanda Brooks

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