from long as i can remember i’ve spent 4th of july weekend watching wimbledon. this morning i actually stayed in bed until 11:30 watching…

when i was young, very young, i’d spend 4th of july at my aunt sue and uncle don’s. we all watched wimbledon. we actually would have our own “breakfast at wimbledon”. we’d sit and watch chris everett’s memorable match up’s with martina navratilova, eat strawberries and cream, and listen to bud collins.

oh how the years have flown by. i’m praying that roger federer wins this year…he’s my all time favorite tennis player (chris everett is a close second). i call roger, mr. wimbledon, he just embodies the tournament. he’s such a gentleman and watching him on the court is like poetry in motion. wouldn’t it be wonderful to see him win again? it would be number 8.

there’s something special about this tournament…i love the formality, the brilliant green lawn, the royals in their box and of course, i love that all the players must wear white. there is something really wonderful about not only the traditions at wimbledon itself, but also the tradition of watching it each year during the 4th of july.


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AELTC/Jed Leicester . 27 June 2016

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