Costa Careyes


i’ve been thinking about all my friends on the east coast and the blizzard that took place this past weekend. i’m hoping everyone stayed safe and warm. I thought i might send all of you a ray of sunshine.

over the holidays my friend kimberly bini posted a picture of herself in mexico at the resort costa careyes. i had never heard of the resort, so of course i had to do a little investigating.

costa careyes is located in Costalegre in the Mexican Pacific beaches on the south coast of Jalisco. Costa Careyes is an exclusive lifestyle community founded by GianFranco Brignone in 1968 . His  family is now following the tradition.

This unique private resort estate combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with the craftsmanship and friendly hospitality of Mexico, making it one of the world’s most coveted destinations among the jet set and the cool. Costa Careyes is also known for their polo and the wonders of nature that surround the destination.

when i go i want to stay in the ocean castle, a six bedroom suite that is mostly yellow, and perched upon one of the many lush oceanfront points. the sol de oriente is surrounded by a 360 degree infinity pool with panoramic views. 

there is just something about yellow, it invites, it brightens, it warms, it glows and it leads. i thought i’d send a ray of sunshine to all of my friends out east. i had fun mixing the beauty of costa careyes with some yellow pieces of art by the late ellsworth kelly. the combination seemed like the perfect pairing. enjoy!

1 1.5 3- gusher 3.5 4- careyes_classic 4.5 5- careyes_torre_2 5.5 6- palapalounge 6.5 7- bungalow_bedbath 7.5 8- palapa_twilight_2 8.5 9- guestbed_in_out 9.7 10- pool_profile_1 10.5 11- oro_oriente_1 11.5

12- oriente_1


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