we have been in palm springs this week, spending time with family before the holidays. if you haven’t been to palm springs you must visit, besides being sunny, there’s very interesting architecture and the mountains are really spectacular.

one of the most famous estates in the palm springs area is sunnylands (you must read the vanity fair about sunnylands here), a completely modernist estate designed by a. quincy jones for walter and leonore annenberg in the mid 60’s. william haines did the interior design.

the annenberg’s were great friends with the reagan’s and entertained seven u.s. presidents, the british royal family and hollywood icons like bob hope, frank sinatra, jimmy stewart, and many others at sunnylands. the annenberg tradition of being gracious hosts and extraordinary philanthropists extended to their final gift of sunnylands to the public. you can visit sunnylands and take a tour of this historic house/ see details here.

the sunnylands center, a 17,000 square foot building, was built and opened to welcome and educate guests of sunnylands. the center was designed frederick fisher, and the interiors were designed by michael s. smith.

since we are in palm springs, enjoying the holiday in the sun, i thought it would be fun to give you a little tour of the sunnylands center. it’s quite something- enjoy!

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6- Sunnylands-Feature-Image


7- Annenberg-Sunnylands-photovoltaic-array-sn-lnd-10-diers-20110114-overview-lrg_rpg 9- Annenberg-Sunnylands-Center-Twilight-clear-sn-lnd-20-ip-20110712-bldg-front-night-lrg-edit_rpg


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