here is part 2 of my interview with carolyne roehm. this part of the interview i get to ask carolyne about all of her favorite things…i’ve always been mesmerized by carolyne’s life, beauty, taste and talent, therefore, this interview has been fun for me…

i thought it would be fun to interject some of my favorite images from her new book, carolyne roehm- at home in the garden/ order here. also, i added in some of my favorite pictures from her homes…i mean that pool with all the blue and white vases on the surround is one of my favorite images ever.

carolyne has had an amazing life, so when i spoke with her last week i asked her what was her favorite moment in time…she without hesitation said it was her years in nyc when she was working for oscar de la renta. she credits her grandmother as being the biggest influence on her in her childhood years, introducing her to gardens, and oscar as her influence in her adult year. they shared so many common interests- opera, music, fashion, food, interiors, and of course gardens.

the thing she loved about oscar was that he was always curious, always exploring, always growing and experiencing….i think i can say the same about carolyne, what a life!  a fashion designer, throwing and writing books about parties, an expert in flowers and gardens, a blogger, a collector of blue and white, an author, a photographer, the majority of the pictures in her book she took, and now an artist…carolyne’s water colors throughout the book are extraordinary.

here’s to carolyne and her new book, and to her amazing life and to her passions, i have a feeling there’s a lot more to come!






MDS- Currently what is your favorite Color?

CR- Can’t make that choice, it changes by the second. I fall in love easily!

1- carolyn-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-06

MDS- What is your favorite Flower?

CR- Another impossible question, I have the capacity to love a lot!

2- unnamed-15

MDS- What is your favorite Book?

CR- If you pinned me down, I can come down to four : Atlas Shrugged, War & Peace, Gone With the Wind, and a little book called A Hero of Our Time.

3- carolyn-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-10

MDS- What is your favorite Restaurant?

CR- Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori, Florence

4- unnamed-6

MDS- What is your favorite Accessory?

CR- Diamond stud ear rings

5- carolyn-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-05

MDS- Gift to give or to receive?

CR- Depends on my mood and the occasion but for giving it really depends upon the interests of the recipient and to receive, anything that brings enlightenment, laughter or visual joy. If I’m in love with a particular piece of music, or an artist, I want to share it with everyone. Something that expresses their passion. Any gift that one learns from.

6- unnamed-3

MDS- Who is your favorite Artist?

CR- I can’t say a favorite but I still remain passionately in love with Michelangelo and Leonardo.

7- unnamed-14

MDS- What is your favorite Indulgence?

CR- A fabulous pasta and right now, salted caramel ice cream.

8- carolyn-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-08

MDS- What is your favorite Store?

CR- I love food stores and book stores, but the one I’ve been most in love with for the last few years is called Southern Seasons in Charleston.

9- unnamed-12

MDS- What is your favorite Vacation spot?

CR- Throughout time, my favorite place is India.

10- unnamed-16


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