Miles Redd


the new miles redd fabric and wallpaper collection for schumacher has finally arrived, and boy has it arrived! the beautiful and innovative fabrics are complimented brilliantly by the amazing marketing supporting the launch.

like all of you, i was anxiously awaiting the collection, loved all the peeks prior to the launch via instagram and editorials, sometimes a lot of hype can disappoint because you’ve seen too much or the products do not live up to the hype, but not in this case, the product is beautiful and i love how the marketing continues the story of miles, or you could say “the magic of miles!”

last week i received all my samples in the office, of course i fell in love with them, i’m already concepting them for some new projects, then this past friday i received the new schumacher bulletin, a newspaper of sorts, that was dedicated to miles’s collection…. here are some of my favorite images from the bulletin.

Miles is not only one of the best designers of my generation, he is fast becoming one of the best known personalities…the top hat, the chinoiserie, the tux, the bold color, the bolder patterns, the smile and now the balloons….he’s a bit of  fred astaire, a bit of billy baldwin, and if i must, i know he will take this as a compliment, a bit of babe paley! even better, i know miles pretty well, he is quite the gentleman, i love when kindness is married with style.

i find the whole collection and the whole story brilliant, and so very chic! bravo miles, bravo schumacher, cheers for dara, thank you for bringing to all of us “the next big thing!”

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