there have been so many images of oak spring farm, the legendary 4000 acre estate and thoroughbred farm of the late bunny mellon who died this past march at 103, lately, however, i’ve never seen these images recently feature in garden & gun. the tour of the property is very special.

i love all the details of the gardens and interiors, as well as, the more intimate images of all the things bunny loved like her basket collections and all of her myrtle topiaries.

you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that sotheby’s will be devoting three separate auctions of mrs. mellon’s belongings, 2000 items, this november. exhibitions of the auction items will be begin october 31st at sotheby’s with the masterworks art collections, the jewelry and interiors exhibitions will start november 15th.

guess where i’m heading this weekend? to nyc! i already have my catalogs, all three in fact, and you’ll Know where to find me, i’ll be at sotheby’s taking in the masterworks exhibition.

1- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_House_View 2- Oak-Hill 3- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_Entrance 4- Bunny_Mellon_Ground_Hog 5- Bunny_Mellon_CrabApple_Tree-Arbor 6- Bunny_Mellon__Foyer 7- Bunny_Mellon_Baskets 8- 440N09247_hall 9- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_Path 10- Bunny_Mellon_Garden-2 11- Bunny_Mellon_Entry 12- Bunny_Mellon_Library 12- Bunny_Mellon_View_Window 13- Bunny_Mellon_Chair 13.5 Bunny_Mellon_Garden _Path_2 14- Bunny_Mellon_Stone_Cottage_0 14-Mr+Mrs-Mellon


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