as you all know i love new books, i especially love the fall and the spring when all the new books come out and one by one they have started arriving…

for me the most anticipated book has been markham roberts new book, markham roberts, the way i see it/ buy here. i am a big fan of markham’s, i have been for a very long time…i think it started when i saw his apartment way back when in domino, or maybe before that when an uptown apartment he did was in house & garden…several rooms in that project are all time favorites….his work is the perfect combination of timeless and traditional, however, with that special something that gives it a modern and distinct quality…

i got a sneak peek of this book a bit ago so i knew what we were in for…this book is absolutely amazing and most definitely the best book of the fall 2014 season. i’m quite taken with the entire book, but it’s all the green rooms that have me absolutely mesmerized….i can’t get enough of each and everyone of them…my all time favorite green room is the room he did in southampton…i hope i never get that room out of my head (the first five pictures are of this favorite room).

i really believe that markham is one of the best designers of this time…his work has authenticity, beauty and depth, it moves the senses and pleasures the eye, each space will stand the test of time……

i am completely inspired by everything markham does and most importantly, he is such a wonderful gentleman- if you have a chance to go to any of his book signings, please go, you will love meeting him.

markham has made his mark on great design, his work and this book solidifies it…i’m just happy to be able to enjoy it!

photographs by nelson hancock

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