soon as i got back from paris yesterday i went to my local magazine stand and got all the new magazines and papers…then headed off to get a manicure and pedicure….i had to make my self stay up an extra eight hours to get back on schedule….

i had a huge stack of magazines, somehow i managed to get through them all, the one story that caught my eye was the story of sir john richardson’s house in connecticut in the new t magazine– i think they are calling it the men’s issue, and it’s really good.

i didn’t realize at the time that a lot of other bloggers have featured the story already, sorry that i’m a bit late to the party….however, i loved learning about sir john’s life, and i was so inspired by his estate and his spectacular gardens, i just had to feature it also.

sir john has been a full time writer for years, and is the author of a multivolume biography of picasso. the story on-line and the video tour (see both here)  give much better insight and detail into the estate and the gardens than i can..

the estate has too structures, one being a very large single room in which sir john lives. the space was designed by architect ernesto buch (ernesto also designed annette and oscar de la renta’s bed-sit in connecticut, as well as, my favorite home, bunny williams and john rosselli’s la colina in the dominican republic- see related posts). i love this space, i’ve always wanted a large single living room with all my books and a bed floating in the middle, and i wouldn’t mind all these amazing moldings surrounding me either.

another thing that caught my eye was the color palette of pale blue and red, as well as, all the blue and white scattered around, looks like even though i’m back home, i’m still seeing and loving red! enjoy!

photographs from francois halard

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