before i went on my recent trip to punta cana i did a post called “punta cana calling.” basically a round up of three homes that i have found great inspiration from that were all in punta cana. before getting there i had no idea the adjacencies of things or where any of these homes were in punta cana. come to find out all three residences i had been inspired by were all in the same neighborhood, blocks, actually just a golf cart ride away- the thrilling part was i got to spend time at all three.

genevieve faure’s home was featured a few years ago in architectural digest and i’ve been in love with it ever since. the first night in punta cana we had dinner at her home. genevieve not only decorated this home, she did all the architecture too. there really are no words to describe the beauty, the details, the mood, the scale, the proportion…. casual, elegant, comfortable, and serene are words that come to mind, but if i had to find one word to describe it, it would have to be- paradise!

genevieve was so kind to have me over not just once or twice, but three times. i just loved spending time with her…i especially loved when she pulled out old house & garden’s and elle decor’s to show me some of her other homes. if all of this wasn’t enough she took us on a tour of a few more structures and another pool she is building and adding onto the property…i can’t wait to go back and see it when all is finished.

…like i said, paradise is the only word i can find to define it…and i’m so thankful i was introduced to it- paradise was found!

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Genevieve faure in  paradise

Genevieve faure in paradise


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