last week i went on a trip to punta cana in the dominican republic. i went to visit bunny williams and john rosselli at their home, la colina. now, for those of you that follow the blog you know this is a very big deal.

bunny, john and la colina have been a great source of inspiration for me. i cannot count the amount of times i’ve blogged about them and this house….the whole experience was more than i could ever have imagined, there really are no words. all i can say is la colina was the most beautiful, and the most comfortable home i’ve ever been to in all my life.

the second day i was there i asked bunny, if she had to described the house in a few words what would she say? she thought for a minute, then she said, “it’s like a seduction” (this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, after all this is the woman who has affairs with houses). then she said to john, “john, don’t you think that’s a good way to describe it?” i don’t remember his reply.

i started thinking about the connection of a seduction to la colina. when you are seduced you are drawn in and you never want to leave. you’re living fully, you feel connected, you feel everything, you’re relaxed, you’re comfortable, you feel at home… and the best part, your senses are in over-drive. i most certainly felt this way at la colina.

when i think about being seduced i think about noticing all the details of the person i’m with, or in this case the place you are in. you find everything about that person or place beautiful, every angle, every gesture, every word…every moment is meaningful. you even get the “fuzzies”and the chills…remember what that feels like? that’s what la colina felt like….

i think bunny described la colina perfectly, and she did it in just a few words. la colina was like a seduction… i was enticed, i wanted more, i couldn’t get enough… actually, to be honest i wanted to stay. like a great love, la colina is a place you never want to leave!

more to come….

all photographs by Mark D. Sikes

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Mark D. Sikes- Seduced by La Colina- April, 2014

Mark D. Sikes- Seduced by La Colina- April, 2014

More to come…



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