of all the MDS Interviews i’ve done i think i’m most excited about this one with Aerin Lauder.

i did a favorite women post on aerin this time last year when she was just beginning to launch her new brand simply called aerin. And let me tell you what she has done over the last year has been amazing- fabrics, a store in southampton, lighting, furniture, beauty, accessories and most recently a new book called beauty at home. i have never really seen anything quite like it- all i can say is amazing!

aerin is so inspiring- of course we all know she is an all-american beauty with great style- classic, elegant, and modern. and yes she makes everything look and feel effortless and that’s not easy, but what i’m most inspired by is how smart, savvy and strategic she is, and how much she loves and honors her family, especially her grandmother estée.

estée lauder understood lifestyle and was an amazing entrepreneur. aerin is following in her footsteps and like her grandmother, she is going to show us all how to live beautifully!

i’ve never actually met aerin in person. i’ve seen her several times when i’ve been in nyc for either work or pleasure. there was one occasion i remember very well, it had to be almost 10 years ago. she was uptown on madison ave. in a cafe with her boys.

she looked beautiful of course, wearing a trench coat and manolo’s. but what i remember most was how engaged she was with her sons, you could just tell that they were her joy, her priority, her world. that’s what stuck with me and that’s really what living beautifully is all about!

i hope you enjoy part 1 of my interview with aerin, i know i did! more to come!

Instagram photographs from aerin’s instagram account.

All photographs from book are Reprinted from BEAUTY AT HOME Copyright (c) 2013 by AERIN LAUDER. Published by Potter Style, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, LLC, a Penguin Random House Company.


MDS- How would you define your style?

AL- Effortless, feminine, modern

Aerin in her Southampton living room- Elle Decor

Southampton living Room- Elle Decor

Aerin in Southampton

MDS- Where did you grow up and how do you think that influences your work?

AL- I grew up in New York City and lived in Vienna for a few years when I was a teenager. Like a typical New Yorker, I’m always busy, on the go – so I appreciate things that are easy and travel well. I design all of my collections with that concept in mind.

Aerin’s NYC Apartment- Elle Decor

Aerin’s NYC Apartment Living Room- Elle Decor

Flowers and Books in Aerin’s NYC living room- Instagram

Aerin’s NYC Apartment Dining Room- Elle Decor


MDS- If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

AL- Editor at a magazine

Aerin in her NYC office enjoying the september issue of Vogue


MDS Who or what is inspiring you right now?

AL- I’m constantly inspired by traveling and destinations, as well as elements in nature – especially flowers. Also, At this particular moment, I am feeling very inspired by the Kandinsky show at the Neue Galerie

Inspired by flowers- Instagram

Flowers in Aerin’s Bedroom- Instagram

Murnau: Street with Horse-Drawn Carriage, Vasily Kandinsky, 1909. Photo: © 2013 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris


MDS- What is the favorite room in your home?

AL- My dressing room. It’s my sanctuary living in a house of boys. It’s very pretty and feminine and it’s the only place in the house that’s exclusively mine.

Aerin’s Dressing Room- Elle Decor

Aerin’s Dressing Room- Instagram

Aerin’s Dressing Room- Instagram

Aerin’s Dressing Room- Instagram

Aerin’s Dressing Room, love this valentino dress- Instagram


MDS- Is there anything you obsessively collect?

AL- I collect lots of things, but hopefully not obsessively. Art, for starters. I love books on design, art, fashion and style – as well as vintage magazines – so I collect those and use them as reference points when I need inspiration. I also collect personal mementos and keepsakes – drawings my sons have done for me, favorite toys of theirs that they’ve outgrown, small objects that used to belong to my grandmother, etc.

Books on Design, Art, Fashion and Style- Instagram

Art by Cy Twombly- Instagram

A photograph of Aerin’s grandmother, Estee Lauder, with her grandfather Joseph- Instagram


MDS- Fill in the blank: “I could never own too many ____________ .”

AL- Cashmere Scarves

Aerin’s favorite Masserano Paolo Cashmere Scarves.


MDS- What do you want to be known for?

AL- Hopefully for continuing my family’s tradition of supporting the arts and education. I was raised by a family with the highest appreciation for the arts and they taught be the importance of supporting them, as well as the importance of giving back to those in need. To that end, I’ve recently partnered with First Book, a non-profit organization that delivers millions of crucially needed books to children in lower-income areas.

The Lauder Family


MDS- What do you think is chic, stylish and glamorous?

AL- Effortless style – the art of looking great and making it look easy

Aerin’s new book, Beauty at Home- buy it (here).

Aerin’s beautiful book- Instagram

Aerin’s book signing at Bergdorf Goodman- Photograph BFA



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