when i was planning out all my posts for this week i knew i had to do a favorite home in paris- when in paris it has to be all about paris!

of course coco chanel’s apartment at 31 rue cambon came to mind, as did the duke and duchess of windsor’s villa in paris’s bois de boulogne, i also love yves saint laurent’s paris duplex, however, the home that seemed just perfect is yves saint laurent’s partner pierre berge’s apartment on the rue bonaparte.

this apartment is perfect for many reasons, first and foremost i love the 18th century chinoiserie wall paper in the dining room that once belonged to mona bismarck. i was smitten with pierre’s home once i saw this wallpaper and dining room on the cover of the book the private world of yves saint laurent and pierre berge.

i also love the mirrored entrance, so very french, and the artwork in the drawing room is unbelievable with a collection of ingres, géricault, toulouse-lautrec, degas, vuilliard, manet, braque and picasso pieces.

when i think of paris i think of museums, grand architecture, opulence, and gorgeous gardens- everything at it’s best! so when i thought about my favorite homes in paris, of course pierre’s bergés perfect apartment was top of the list- everything in paris at it’s best!

all photographs by ivan terestchenko


View from the Drawing Room into the Dining Room

The Dining Room

Another Dining Room View

A Dining Room vignette

The Entrance Hall

The Drawing Room

Above an 18th Century Venetian Sofa hangs James Ensor’s, Le Désespoir de Pierrot, Painted in 1892.

Above The Drawing Room fireplace, hangs a painting by Eugéne Delacroix.

Treasured objects in The Drawing Room

The Library

Above the fireplace in the Library hangs a Frans Hals portrait.

More treasured objects

View from the Dining Room into the garden.

Lush Garden Designed by Pascal Cribier and Louis Benech.

The greenhouse, with a collection of orchids.


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