finding out Michael S. Smith’s favorite things is pretty much what everyone wants to know- i know i do!

we already know  if he wasn’t an interior designer he’d probably be a real estate developer, like myself, he loves jcrew cotton linen cardigans, and one of of the most fascinating insights is that he has several hunderd converse silvery-gold tennis shoes- now that’s a collection!

now we get to find out where he’s eating, what he’s reading, what he’s wearing, where he’s shopping, what gift’s he’s giving and what he likes receiving!

not a surprise, all you will find to be very chic, stylish and glamorous! i know i did, i’ve already made it to one of his favorites restaurants and i’m pondering planning a visit to his vacation destination of choice!

i know you will enjoy finding out more about michael- i did!

MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Restaurant?

MSS- Workshop Kitchen + Bar in Palm Springs, Amaya in London, Le Voltaire in Paris

Workshop Kitchen + Bar in Palm Springs



MDS- What is your favorite Book?

MSS- Joan Didion’s “The White Album” or Truman Capote’s “Other Voices, Other Rooms”


MDS- What is your favorite Color?

MSS- I have a propensity toward green but always trying to will myself to change it up.



MDS- Who is your favorite Artist?

MSS- Picasso, especially the very period right before World War II, when he was in Antibes.

Night Flying at Antibes- Picasso- 1939



MDS- What is your favorite Flower?

MSS- Carnations because they are so beautiful and I love the way they smell. French gray are my favorite.


MDS- What is your favorite Accessory?

MSS- Scarves by Etro or Dries Van Noten (when I’m in New York). Frédéric Malle’s floral room sprays.

Frédéric Malle’s room spray



MDS- What is your favorite gift to give or to receive?

MSS- I love to get sweaters. To give? Books, specific to the person, especially vintage books.

books- elle decor





MDS- What is your favorite Store?

MSS- JF ChenMr. PorterRichard James in London, Lost Horizons bookstore in Santa Barbara

JF Chen C project

 MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Indulgence?

MSS- Baths, black licorice and televisions shows like Upstairs, Downstairs and Revenge that I watch on my iPad.

Michael Bel-air bathroom- elle decor


MDS- Last, but not least, what is your favorite Vacation spot?

MSS- It changes, but my all-time favorite is Il Pelicano in Italy. So clean and unscrewed up.

Il Pelicano

the pool

the dining room

Slim Aarons photograph


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