yesterday’s best dressed list featuring kate moss was just a prelude, not planned i might add, to today’s post on kate and her new book kate: the kate moss book. the fashion world’s golden girl is having yet another golden moment and this book celebrates her golden career!

the book is a whopping 368 pages! it’s like a fashion bible, no disrespect, hence the title of today’s post- the book of kate! the book spans kates 25 year career.

i love kate for many reasons (for one, kate is one of my favorite names) and i feel like i’ve grown up with her. i love when she first started out, a fresh face with a tiny frame, so delicate, so feminine- she defined the ideal! the bruce weber and corinne day photographs, the calvin klein adds, the isaac mizrahi documentary unzipped are things that pop into my mind- she has always had something special.

vanity fair magazine features kate this month on their cover and the story is she has always been and still is relevant. she is working as hard today as she did when she started and she is still the face of fashion. the world of fashion and beauty is ever changing and there is always the next best thing around the corner and for the last 20 years its always been kate coming around the corner.

she might not be the most beautiful, she for sure isn’t the tallest, i’m not so sure i’ve always liked her choice in men, she is not my absolute favorite right this moment but she is the best! the best model that’s ever lived! and might i add she is always best dressed!

enjoy a selection of my favorite images from the 368 page book- a sunday book club must! i stand corrected- maybe she is the most beautiful and for sure, especially today, my favorite!

Michael Thompson photograph- W- 1993

Corinne Day photograph- The Face- 1990

Robert Scott photograph- 1990

Mario Sorrenti photograph- Calvin Klein Obsessions campaign- 1993

Peter Lindbergh photograph- Harper’s Bazaar- 2009

David Sims photograph- Vogue Paris- 2005

Sante D’Orazio photograph- Vogue Italia- 1995

Corinne Day photograph- The Face- 1990

Mario Testino photograph- 1996

Mario Sorrenti photograph- Calvin Klein Obsessions campaign-1993

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph- W- 2005

Francois-Marie Banier photograph- 1994

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph- Pirelli Calendar- 2006

Inez and Vinoodh photograph- Vogue Paris- 2010

Craig McDean photograph- 2002

Corinne Day photograph- 1991

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph- W- 2005

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph- Calvin Klein Jeans Campaign- 2006

Patrick Demarchelier photograph- Harper’s Bazaar- 1994

Camilla Akrans photograph

Corinne Day photograph- The Face- 1991

Robert Scott photograph- 1990

Mario Sorrenti photograph- Calvin Klein Obsessions Campaign- 1993

Mario Sorrenti photograph- 1994

Corinne Day photograph- British Vogue- 1993

Mario Sorrenti photograph- Vogue Hommes International- 2010


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