KEEPING IT REAL- Thanksgiving 2012

Today is Thanksgiving and i have so much to be thankful for- health, happiness, joy beyond measure, peace of mind, my faith, a sense of purpose, a creative outlook and an energetic soul! and then there is my dear family, my loving partner, my perfect lily, friends that are family and my thriving business! this year i am also thankful for my blog- the inspiration, the drive, the sense of accomplishment, the quest and appreciation for all things beautiful it has provided me is unmeasurable! so what to post on thanksgiving?

well, i’m certain most bloggers will do stories on food, or a color story of neutral, camel, orange and brown, or there is the possibility of a beautiful table, plenty of pumpkins, an inspiring quote or story about their journey home. i look forward to these and i’m sure they will inspire. however, when i was thinking about what i am most thankful for, besides all the things i already mentioned, also, keep in mind i’m trying to keep it light- i’m thankful for vogue- yes, you heard me right- vogue!

for those of you who have known me forever will not be shocked by this. for the last 20 years i have saved every vogue possible. they have moved with me from apartment to apartment, from house to house. not just american vogue, but french, spanish, italian and british vogues. i have thousands and thousands that are placed in chronological order and they are used daily!

for as long as i can remember, even as young as 8 years old, i would wait in great anticipation for the newest vogue. whether it be my mothers arriving in the mail wrapped in plastic or stalking a news stand as the new arrivals are being un-crated. i don’t subscribe to any of my magazines because i enjoy the process and excitement of going to buy them, plus you get them sooner that way!

you all might find this story silly, maybe even superficial,  and that’s ok, however, for years vogue has fed my creative soul whether when i was in a retail career or now in interior design. and most certainly it has fed this blog! the excitement, the warm fuzzies, the thrill, the gasps and the flurry has never gone away. isn’t that special? it might be silly, but in life we can become so jaded, therefore, today i’m thankful for this never ending excitement and for my collection of vogues!

i always say, when all is said and done, i’ll be on my front porch, probably in a rocking chair, hopefully in malibu, with my stack of vogues! Just keeping it real!

enjoy a collection of a few my favorite images from vogue over the years. several from the new book vogue: the editors eye. also, dont miss the HBO documentary, In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, celebrating american vogues 120th anniversary airing on December 6th.

thanksgiving 2012- happy times!


Cate Blanchett- Annie Leibovitz photograph- December 2004

Tonne Goodman- Greenwich Village Duplex

Patti Hansen-Arthur Elgort photograph-January 1976

Oscar De La Renta- Punta Cana

Lara Stone- Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph-April 2011

Lisa Taylor- Helmut Newton photograph- May 1975

tory burch- southampton

Linda Evangelista-Steven Meisel photograph- May 1993

Oscar de la Renta- Connecticut

Doutzen Kroes- Steven Meisel photograph- June 2005

Jean Patchett & Ernest Hemmingway- Clifford Coffin photograph- 1950

Howard Cushing- Newport

Grace Coddington- Bruce Weber photograph- 1982

Lisa Taylor- Helmut Newton photograph- May 1975

Tory Burch- NYC

Patti Hansen- Arthur Elgort photograph

Ralph Lauren- Round Hill

Cheryl Tiegs & Rene Russo- Helmut Newton photograph- December 1974

Francois Nars- Bora Bora

Lisa Taylor- Helmut Newton photograph- October 1976

Howard Cushing- Newport

Cayetano Rivera Ordonez- Annie Leibovitz photograph- December 2007

Tonne Goodman-Arthur Elgort photograph

Janet de Botton

Patti Hansen- Michael Reinhardt photograph- May 1979

Babe Mortimer- Horst P. Horst photograph- March 1946

Alexandra and Michael Misczynki

Supermodels- Peter Lindbergh photograph- August 1988

Daryl Hannah- Helmut Newton photograph- May 1984

Francois Halard

Patti Hansen- Arthur Elgort photograph- June 1976

Happy Thanksgiving- Keeping it Real!


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