this time last year i was in connecticut and stumbled across bill blass’ infamous 19th century farmhouse. Bill Blass is one of my style icons, therefore, this was quite a moment- connecticut chic!

after mr. blass died in 2002 i had read that the farmhouse had been sold to an investment banker and i had often wondered what had become of the property- was it updated? how was it decorated? what remained, what changed?

all my questions were answered last week when i got my new october issue of vogue. what i discovered was the house had once again changed ownership, but this time the new owner was architect and style-maker daniel romualdez. i have always been a fan of daniel’s design work and talent- tory burch’s south hampton home and her nyc apartment in the pierre hotel are two of my favorite homes designed by mr. romualdez. both of these homes have also been featured in past issues of vogue.

another surprise was that after daniel acquired the house next door which became a guest house he turned to garden designer and vogue contributing editor miranda brooks to combine the two spaces, expand the landscape and create a view that had never previously existed!

one of my favorite things about penning a blog is how everything i love connects, especially this connecticut connection. a style icon’s chic home updated by a favorite architect with the help of one the best landscape designers today, and by the way i’ve done a post on each of these connections!

enjoy the before and after photographs of the infamous connecticut farmhouse- more important, enjoy the chic connections!

lastly, i love that the post i did on bill blass right after my trip last year to connecticut is featured on the bill blass website- see here! more to enjoy!

landscape and garden designer miranda brooks and her daughter violet on the former connecticut property of bill blass.

before photographs- bill blass

legendary designer bill blass and his golden retriever kate


after photographs- daniel romualdez


daniel romualdez in his study wit his labradoodle jake

bill blass’ connecticut  home updated by daniel romualdez with the help of miranda brooks- a chic connection!


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