SIMPLY SUZANNE- Suzanne Rheinstein

we all want a pied-à-terre in new york city, don’t we? personally, i want one just like suzanne rheinstein’s! simply chic- simply suzanne!

suzanne is a fabulous interior designer, one of my favorites, and the owner of the oh so chic hollyhock store here in la. whenever you want something special and pretty, hollyhock is where you get it. both suzanne and her hollyhock are quite unique, not the norm in la, because nothing is trendy, everything is simply beautiful!

suzanne has become a friend, she’s gracious, she’s kind, she’s smart- she’s oh so chic! she is well known for her relaxed and elegant style, her refined and discriminating taste. a true southern lady, she has an eye for detail and understands the art in the eclectic mix of furnishings from both past and present.

so back to the pied-à-terre- i love everything about it! the grey and taupe color palette throughout, the painted sepia walls in the living room by artist bob christian, as well as, the exuberant painted floors in the entrance halls, the lacquered ceilings, all the period chairs sprinkled around, the mix of old and new, the restraint, the patina’s,the luxury in every detail!

so many wonderful details, however, my favorite detail about both suzanne’s ny pied-à-terre, as well as, her gorgeous home in hancock park, is how she slipcovers her furniture in the summer- it’s all in the details! so chic, so elegant, so beautiful- so suzanne!

photographs by roger davies for elle decor and pieter estersohn for suzanne’s book at home- a style for today with things from the past (one of my favorite books- a must!)


i love the painted sepia scenes on the living room walls- simply beautiful!

i love the painted floors!

i love the grey and taupe color palette throughout!

i love the eclectic and artful mix of furnishings!

my favorite thing- i love the slipcovers in the summer- so chic, so suzanne!

i love the impeccable restraint!

i love the lacquered ceilings!

i love the patina’s!

i love relaxed and elegant style

a lot to love!

i love the mix of old and new!

what’s not to love?

details, details, details!

more details!

a few more!

i love a pied-à-terre in ny!

so chic, so elegant, so beautiful- so suzanne!


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