bill blass– a man of impeccable style, impeccably chic- american chic!

so now you all know i always wanted to be cary grant, actually i wanted to look like cary grant. i wanted to live like bill blass. those houses-chic! those fabulous society ladies- chic! the talent, the taste, the style- american chic!

going down memory lane again- when i was young i knew the day the mail man would deliver my mother’s monthly vogue, harper’s bazaar and town and country magazines. i studied them and dreamed about the lives of oscar de la renta, calvin klein, halston and bill blass. how they lived, their talent, their lifestyles. bill blass stood out- i was obsessed, i still am!

i have studied bill blass ever since- his work, his life, his homes! i feel it’s some how shaped how i look at things, my appreciation for beauty and the importance of quality, detail, understated refinement.

i was recently in Connecticut and the highlight of the trip was the accidental discovery of bill blass’s Connecticut home. i know it’s silly, but it was really a moment! i had an experience with my style icon!

the man knew how to live- impeccable taste, impeccable style, impeccably chic- american chic!

photographs from the book bill blass- an american designer.

bill blass in 1969- the year i was born! george hamill photograph

bill blass in 1980

bill blass in 1978- the national advertisement photograph for revlon perfume

talent, grace, style- bill blass chic!

bill blass’s connecticut home built in 1770

connecticut living room

impeccable taste, impeccable style!

understated beauty, glorious details!

bill blass shaped my love of a chocolate brown room- always chic!

first lady nancy reagan in bill blass- what a time!

bill blass and lynn wyatt- american chic in texas!

gloria vanderbilt in bill blass giraffe print tunic and pants- fabulous!

bill and diana vreeland- chic and chic!

bill and nan kempner- best friends!

the entry hall of bill blass’s sutton place apartment

the living room- one of may favorites!

quality and detail!

perfectly appointed- impeccable!

understated refinement!

the dining room

the very large bedroom- a bed sit!

center table

a living room, library, bedroom in one- love!

books everywhere- one of my favorite things!

bill blass- he knew how to live!

bill blass- the quintessential american fashion designer

1998 spring collection- one of my favorite bill blass dresses- love the hat!

1984 spring collection black and white ostrich feather coat- beyond!

lauren hutton in bill blass spring 1971 collection red dress

bill blass loved stripes- so do i!

famous bill blass evening separates worn by first lady nancy reagan

1990 bill blass spring collection black and white gown- gorgeous!

bill blass- american chic!


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