pearl, silver, taupe, charcoal- all grey’s, all glamorous!

grey- perfect for a refined bachelor pad, called for in a sophisticated study, stunning for a sexy master bedroom, just right in a glamorous penthouse. grey- refined, sophisticated, sexy and glamorous!

designers like vicente wolf, myra hoefer and john saladino use grey as their foundation for design because it’s neutralizing, calming and clean. grey is the perfect component for interiors just like a grey cashmere sweater is the perfect component in a wardrobe. grey goes with anything, simplifies everything!

there is nothing more chic than a tonal grey room. two perfect examples come to mind. first, halston’s Manhattan apartment back in the 70’s was a the epitomy of glamour and style, charcoal grey from floor to ceiling! spare, simple, sexy! second, suzanne rheinstein’s upper east side apartment is so refined and elegant. i love the hand-painted sepia walls and the slip-covered furniture. two different rooms, two different styles- both grey, both glamorous!

when a refined, sophisticated, sexy room is needed- go grey, go glamorous!



john saladino

suzanne rheinstein- elle decor

jeffrey weisman- elle decor

vicente wolf- elle decor

victoria hagan- elle decor

laura henson- elle decor

bunny williams- elle decor

bill sofield- the world of interiors


vicente wolf

kevin carrigan- elle decor

jeffrey bilhuber- elle decor

jeffrey weisman- elle decor

john fowler

jacques grange

vicente wolf

jeffrey bilhuber- house beautiful

vicente wolf- elle decor

barbara hutton- the world of interiors

john saladino

nina griscom- house and garden

michael s smith- elle decor

veere grenney- the world of interiors

todd alexander romano- elle decor

david netto- elle decor

antony todd- elle decor

stephen sills

marcos scarani- elle decor

carlos aparicio- elle decor

antony todd- elle decor

vicente wolf

michael and alexandra misczynski- veranda

myra hoeffer- house beautiful

ruby beets- house beautiful

patrick printy- elle decor

richard hellberg- veranda

emma jane pilkington- house and garden

furlow gatewood- veranda

jeffrey bilhuber- house beautiful

furlow gatewood- veranda

albert hadley- house beautiful

james huniford- elle decor

thomas o'brien- elle decor

james huniford- elle decor


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