Woody House- Out East


as you know i’m a little obsessed with woody house, i’ve featured this long island retreat more than once already in the last few weeks- see here and here. the house and the garden is featured in the new book called out east by my friend jennifer ash rudick. jennifer and vendome were kind enough to share some more pictures of woody house with me. now we get to go on tour of the garden, which is also on the cover of the new veranda this month. 

i can’t wait for out east to come out in a few weeks, just in time for summer. the book explores the cool breezes, miles of pristine beaches, and vast, open farmland that has long been been the attraction of “the hamptons.” jennifer, a resident of southampton herself, captures shingled houses, modernist oceanfront designs, artists’ compounds, and Montauk surf shacks. from what i’ve seen there are going to be a lot more homes just as beautiful as woody house. out east is going to be amazing and be the book of the season. 

ironically i’m heading out east next week. my first stop will be newport, then i will be off to the hamptons myself (i’ll share more on what’s taken me there in a few day). i cannot wait to take in summer out east. 

thank you jennifer- you and the homes you let us visit inspire! 

phot0graphs by tria giovan


i have a client who loves cowtan & tout’s bowood fabric, not sure if there is anyone who doesn’t love it, it’s a beautiful fabric. came across some images of bowood on pinterest that led me to the neotrad blog that highlighted bowood in a recent post/ see here. 

the beauty and simplicity of bowood inspired this weeks pretty pinterest pins. when you start pinning bowood, lot’s of pretty things come up. 


Valentino Men's Spring 2018


the spring 2018 men’s fashion shows are taking place right now in europe. the valentino show took me back to a time (around 18 years ago) when i used to wear track suit jackets, colorful tennis shoes, track pants, parkas, and yes, i even had a few embroidered belts i’d tie around my jeans or chinos.

keep in mind i never wore it all together like they did at valentino, but this collection sure took me back in time…and it’s true, if you stick around long enough, what’s old will again be new again.