I blogged a few days ago about the new atelier am project in montecito that’s in the newest architectural digest. as we know the magazines can’t show every single inch of a home so it was nice to see these additional images from the the photoshoot posted on atelier am’s new instagram. 

i can’t stop looking at the beautiful objects that atelier am curate in their projects…the patina’s, the details, the depth of beauty in sublime. 

also, want to note that michael bargo styled the shoot. he is an amazing designer in his on right and has a briliant instagram. i’ve known michael for years. 


you’d think it was easter, but it’s not. however, for some reason, i’m feeling inspired by pastels and pretty colors.

babe paley, cy twombly, mario buatta, tory burch, and rosie assoulin make up this weeks mix of pretty pinterest pins. 

it doesn’t have to be easter to feel like easter. spring is almost here. 


you all know how much i love montecito. it’s the most beautiful place and has been through a lot lately. i was there all of last week finishing an install. soon as i got home i saw the new architectural digest with this magnificent original reginald johnson home in monetcito decorated by atelier am. 

the interiors are signature atelier am. the perfect curation of magnificent furnishings and textures. italian gilt sitting next to murano glass, han dynasty vases adjacent to jean -michel frank chairs, giacometti lights shining on jean dunand tables. all this beauty is highlighted by rich neutrals and somehow feels full of restraint. 

montecito is one of my favorite places in the world. i will do about anything to celebrate it’s beauty and it’s special magic……and as you can see atelier am makes this very easy.

photographs by stephen kent johnson