i’m completely obsessed with the crown. i have already watched 8 of the new episodes of season 2. it’s so wonderful. i have found it to be a great escape over the last few days that has inspired, informed and intrigued. 

i don’t want to spoil anything for any of you that have not seen any of the new episodes. so far it has covered the period of 1958- 1962. there are a few new characters, one being antony armstrong jones, lord snowdon, who was married to the marvelous princess margaret from 1960-1968. 

lord snowdon was a photographer. he was known for his portraits. his book blue is one of my favorite books. the book features portraits of famous people wearing classic blue button up shirts.

enter matthew goode. one of my favorite actors. he was brilliant in brideshead revisited. he’s so very  handsome and elegant. he’s playing lord snowdon in season 2 . yet another reason why the crown is so good! 


For those of you that know danielle rollins or follow her on instagram, you know that she has been working on a renovation and the decoration of her home in atlanta for the last few years. she’s so good at taking all of us on her journey and giving us peeks into her exciting life. veranda magazine featured her house in their newest issue. finally we get to see what she has been working on and it’s really beautiful. 

danielle rennovated the house with the help of architect bill ingram. john howard worked with her on the gardens. i got to see the house in person a year or so ago. there are so many details and so many layers…. and so much color….i couldn’t believe all the different paint colors, but it works. danielle is really great at creating old school southern style. she understands how to create the perfect mix of old and new with high and low. 

the home is so expansive and so layered. veranda only featured a portion. there is so much more. i have a feeling we are going to be seeing more of it sometime soon, but until then we will have to all keep getting peeks on instagram… you have to watch, after all she’s known for her entertaining. 

photographs by melanie acevedo. 



Ok, i think i’m finally getting into the holiday spirit. i was in ny last week. i saw bergdorf’s new holiday windows, experienced the holiday delights of rockefeller center, i bought some gifts and this morning before i headed back to los angeles i saw a few snow flurries falling……

…and then there’s these pinterest pins…i’m starting to feel the holiday spirit.