i love books, especially new books, and there are a lot of news ones. some are available now and some are ready for pre-order. 

i have some really good friends with books coming out this fall…atlanta based designer beth webb, architect gil schafer, designer meg braff and artist kate schelter to name a few….i’m thrilled for them and looking forward to seeing their books come to life. i’m really looking forward to richard keith langham’s book, he’s one of my favorites and has such fabulous style 

all these books are going to be great. i’m excited to get them all, but there’s one that’s extra special. our french bull dog lily stars in susanna salk’s new book at home with dogs and their designers. this one’s a must if you ask me. 

want to get the best books? here you go!

MDS Stripes Spring 2017


mds stripes spring 2017 collection has arrived, and it’s beautiful! it’s also fun, sporty and super pretty/ shop here

the collection is all about color blocking, ruffles and of course, stripes! it’s officially spring, so go ahead and color your stripes!!

photographs by amy neunsinger.

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Sunday’s are for relaxing. nothing relaxes me more than pinning on pinterest. i know you all know this because i say it most every week. 

here are my favorite pins this week…see the theme? it’s navy. 

i love navy. it’s clean, classic and easy. if you don’t believe me…just ask bunny mellon, jane birkin, jackie and john. as you can see they love navy too.