OK, I’m officially obsessed with meghan and harry. i can’t get enough. so bear with me here. i apologize in advance if i do too many posts and go on too much….

it’s a long standing tradition that the official wedding portraits of royals are shared a few days after the wedding. here are the wedding portraits of the duke and duchess of sussex and their wedding party and family. the pictures were taken by alex lubomirski

i often wonder if everyone talks about what each other is going to wear to these weddings before hand….did people know the queen was going to wear chartreuse, of that doria ragland, meghan’s superstar mother, was going to wear mint green? or camilla pale pink?

i kinda think they did, because look how perfectly matched and beautiful everyone is in this portrait….there is definitely a green story going on and like everything about this union and wedding it all seems to be just perfect.


this past weekend was magical. i’m sure every single one of you saw the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markel. it was a much needed escape from all the negative news and all the turmoil that seems to surround us daily. i’m not sure i believed in fairy tales before, but now i do, and more than ever i believe in love….

meghan is a bi-racial american girl raised in my home town of l.a.. she’s an actress and had been married once before. she’s three years older than her prince. none of this is conventional, but it’s exactly what we all needed….

meghan did the wedding her way. she walked herself down the aisle in givenchy, she had a black gospel choir sing “stand by me.” she had a black bishop from chicago give the sermon, a momentous sermon on love. after being pronounced husband and wife, the duke and duchess of sussex exited the chair to the sounds of “this little light of mind” and “i’ll fly away.” you would have thought all of this would turn the royal family on it’s ear, but it didn’t, they knew they needed all of this as much as we did… 

like all of you, I was mesmerized with Meghan and Harry’s love for one another and with and all the royal traditions that go along with a royal wedding, especially the abundance of flowers, the horse draw carriages, the fancy hats, the morning suits and the adorable page boys and little bridesmaid, but the one person i couldn’t keep my eyes off of Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, a yoga instructor and social worker who lives also in L.a..

Doria was sitting right behind meghan and harry, always in camera view. What a beauty with a wonderful smile and warm eyes. i loved watching her expressions, she just touched my heart. of all the interesting and accomplished people in attendance, she is the one I would want to get to know. 

meghan and harry’s wedding was more than a royal wedding it was a celebration of love, diversity, strength, inclusion, acceptance, feminism, and true beauty.

thank you meghan and doria, you did something powerful unknowingly, you opened up our eyes and our hearts and you made all of us all believe in fairy tales. it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, what you have, or what you don’t have, all of us have dreams and if you believe, they will come true. 

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here are my favorite pinterest pins this week. a mix of wicker, botanicals, neutral, abstract art and pops of yellow… notice the portraits of bunny mellon and tory burch….both share the very same thing in common….truly, pinning both of these recently was a happy accident.

happy sunday!