if you have been following me on instagram you might have noticed i’ve been in nashville the last few days. i used to live in nashville many years ago so it’s aways fun to visit and see friends.

this trip was extra fun (i might add today was a beautiful day here in nashville, it was literally 70 degrees, it felt like spring had arrived) because tonight it was announced that sarah bartholomew and i would be doing the decorations for the 2017 swan ball that benefits cheekwood. sarah is one of my dearest friends. it’s going to be so fun working with her on this event. it was also announced that carolina herrera would be the honorary chair.

the unveiling party which announces the annual event was hosted by my friend julie frist at her home, boxwood. boxwood is so beautiful. what a wonderful place to spend the evening. looking forward to coming back soon to nashville and having a beautiful ball!

pictures of boxwood from veranda.


This months vogue features antique dealer and interior design rose uniacke’s london home. it’s a lesson in comfortable restraint.

i’m always inspired by rose’s work and eye. it’s somewhat spiritual. the writer of the vogue article sums up rose’s work pretty well when describing the drawing room…..”the effect is spare, sumptuous, and deeply seductive- an otherwordly enviornment in which contradictions thrive: austere and atmospheric; raw and luxurious; grand and intimate; rigorous and relaxed.”

well, it all sounds pretty perfect, and it is.

photographs by francois halard.

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street fashion is usually way over the top. during fashion weeks everyone is vying for the camera. bold prints, clashing patterns, layers on layers, and flashy accessories always take center stage.

it was a kinda refreshing, and a bit surprising, to see so many trench coats over the coarse of the recent fall 2017 collections in new york city and london.

i love a classic trench. it’s a fashion staple that works no matter the season, no matter the weather, goes with everything and most importantly, it’s always stylish and chic. truly, for many reasons, a classic trench is a natural!

street phot0graphs from,, and french vogue.

1- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_9740_jpg_6178_north_1160x_white 1.5- hbz-street-style-nyfw-fw2017-day7-16 2- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_8230_jpg_9225_north_660x_white 4- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day7__20170215_7483_jpg_8282_north_499x_white 5- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day3__20170211_7230_jpg_2649_north_1160x_white 6- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_9623_jpg_3139_north_499x_white 7- Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.00.22 AM 8- Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.59.51 AM 8.5- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_0309_jpg_4273_north_660x_white 9- paris_fw2017_voguefr_day2__20170210_3207_jpg_7457_north_499x_white 11- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day7__20170215_7540_jpg_9382_north_499x_white 12- nyfw_fw2017_voguefr_day4__20170212_8971_jpg_4960_north_660x_white