Oak Spring Farm


i stumbled upon some new pictures of oak spring farm, bunny mellon’s estate in virginia, this weekend/ see them all here. ones i don’t think i’ve seen before.

i’m a fan and a student of bunny mellon’s style and lifestyle. all of her homes were special, i’ve blogged about all of them, but oak spring farm is extra special, especially the gardens.

the house beautifully showcases her collections of art, antiques, books, and baskets. someone special gave me one of bunny’s beloved baskets, every time i see a picture of her basket house, i feel a little connected.

bunny had so much style, and had such restraint. the chic way she lived is definitely an art form and for all of us now to see, a gift….there’s something about it all that seems simple, yet simply beautiful. not an easy feat.

1- Oak-Hill 2- Bunny_Mellon_Stone_Cottage_0 3- Bunny_Mellon_View_Window 5- Bunny_Mellon__Foyer 6- Bunny_Mellon_Walking_Sticks 7- 440N09247_hall 8- Bunny_Mellon_Hallway_Bar 9- 9247-Game-Room 10- Bunny_Mellon_Entry 11- Bunny_Mellon_Library 12- Bunny_Mellon_Chair 14- _Bunny_Mellon_Basket-House 15- Bunny_Mellon_Baskets 16- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_House_View 17- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_Path 18- Bunny_Mellon_Garden _Path_2 19- Bunny_Mellon_Garden 20- Bunny_Mellon_Garden_Entrance 21- Bunny_Mellon_CrabApple_Tree-Arbor 22- Bunny_Mellon_Ground_Hog

Officine Generale Fall 2017


on Saturday’s i usually do a women’s best dressed list. haven’t done one in a few weeks. i promise i’ll get back to it soon.

in the meantime, loving the new men’s fall 2017 collection by officine generale that took place last week in paris. so chic, so stylish, and talk about being best dressed. i love officine generale, i want it all!

1- _ARC0010 2- _ARC0021 3- _ARC0065 4- _ARC0159 5- _ARC0119 6- _ARC0515 7- _ARC0277 8-_ARC0372 9- _ARC0387


the other day i did a post on designer frank babb randolph’s home in georgetown, see here. i’ve long admired it’s beauty and the pretty pastel palette. it was featured in veranda magazine a few years ago.

i mentioned i had heard it was for sale. this has been confirmed. it was actually confirmed by the realtor, he left a comment on the blog. see the listing here. the house is fabulous. what a special place!

if you are in need of a 3 bedroom federal style townhouse in georgetown that has a vast drawing room with thirteen foot ceilings, have $3,500,000.00 to spend, and want something pretty close to perfect, here it is!

1- 089_1671_34th_Street_NW_34199_213364 2- 050_1671_34th_Street_NW_34199_213321 3- 055_1671_34th_Street_NW_34199_213321 4- 071_1671_34th_Street_NW_34199_213321 5- 087_1671_34th_Street_NW_34199_213321