i had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in newport, r.i. this summer. as you all know i decorated this years coastal living show house which was in newport. i had a wonderful time exploring this beautiful community, learning about newport’s rich history of tradition and meeting so many elegant people that live there. 

bettie bearden pardee is one of my new friends in newport. she is so wonderful. she is the author of the best selling book living newport and has a fabulous blog called private newport/ visit here. bettie had me over to her house when i was in newport. her home is breathtaking and her gardens are even more breathtaking. 

bettie just recently wrote a piece on land’s end, edith wharton’s famous home, for town & country/ see here. land’s end sits along newport’s famous cliff walk. nick mele, a photographer and edith’s grandson, now lives at land’s end. i loved meeting nick as well. 

Many homes in Newport, like Land’s End, are only gently touched by modernity. They’re extravagant, yet livable at the same time. in the T & C story Bettie asks Nick to turn the camera on himself. His affection for entertaining is charged with memories of family heirlooms, customs, and rituals. He finds inspiration in the story of how something was used and who used it.

here are a few pictures of land’s end and if you want to learn more about living in newport, you have to read the T & C piece by new friend bettie here. 


can you believe little prince george is four years old? he just had a birthday- how time flies. 

the other night there was a documentary on princess diana on HBO. the show marked the 20 year anniversary of her death. i remember where i was that devastating day. i know she would be so proud of her boys, and of course, this little guy.

he’s so cute in his shorts, crewneck sweaters and little stripe and check shirts. 

happy birthday prince george- this little guy is 4!



John yunis, who has become a friend, always takes us on tours of the most spectacular homes around the world via his instagram/ follow here. it’s the one instagram i truly follow daily. it’s always inspiring and i feel like a learn something from john and the beautiful homes he features religiously. i guess i’ve always loved being student. 

john recently took us on a tour of john and dodie rosekrans spectacular and iconic home in san francisco. the home was purchased by them in 1979 and decorated by one of my favorite designers, michael taylor. the home looks just as elegant and beautiful 40 years later. this is what you call timeless design.

the home is filled fabulous antiques and incredible art. what i find so interesting about the house and the design is how calm and comfortable it feels. not easy to do with so many treasures and details.

i think this ease that is felt has to do with the neutral palette. i also think it’s because of the indoor, outdoor feeling you get with all the rooms opening to the outdoors and the interior courtyard and balconies. there’s nothing like a breeze blowing fringe bullion’s, crystals and fringes, and the sunshine cascading on a coramandel screen, antique gilt chairs and a few picasso’s. 

i always say the best thing about living in california is the indoor outdoor experience. here you have it, and what you also have is california elegance defined. 

thank you john over and over again, then a million more times. i love your instagram. your passion and dedication to all of these homes is so appreciated and enjoyed.