nothing says summer like an umbrella blowing in the wind…even better when it’s a striped umbrella. 

photographer sally gall spent the summer in tuscany and photographing beach umbrellas in the ancient seaside town of castiglione della pescaia. her photographs were featured in t magazine.

who say’s summer is over? all you have to do is think of a beautiful blowing striped umbrella and summer is again here. enjoy!

Tory Burch


i have to admit i work up this morning a little sad that summer was supposedly over. but like every morning i started checking email and going through social media. came across the new architectural digest on line and saw tory burch’s southampton home featured. it suddenly feels like the beginning of summer all over again and i’m so happy. 

i’ve seen lots of pictures of westerly, tory’s southampton estate, over the years and i’ve even blogged about it more than a few times. tory bought the enormous 1929 georgian estate in 2008. over time she and her designer daniel romualdez have decorated it. houses this size take a lot of time, especially if you want to do it right. it takes time to acquire and mix the old with the new and get it just right. 

david netto does the interview for the story. i love the part when they talk about the process. back in the early 1900’s people didn’t really have designers or mood boards. homes took shape by passing things down from generations, and the patina is set by years of living and most important, the greatest homes were developed because of innate style.

that’s what tory has that most do not- innate style. doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t know who you are, what you like and what is truly beautiful, creating a home like this is impossible.

i’m so thankful there are still people with innate style- it goes along way, a really long way! thank you architectural digest for showing us more of tory’s style- bravo! 

photos by oberto gili

Gil Schafer


I received gil schafer’s new book, a place to call home, this weekend. gil is probably the best classical architect of my generation. i devoured every page and every detail over and over again. the book is everything and more.  

the book explores seven homes gil designed all over the country. they are all marvelous, but i have to say my favorite home in the book was gil’s own home in brooklin, maine. the new york times did a story on it this weekend/ take a tour here.

the home originally built in 1992. right after gil bought the place he started on a complete renovation. he gutted the house down to the original timber frame and rebuilt it inside and out…then he painted it almost entirely white inside. the house is open and feels modern, but the layers and eclectic mix of furnishings make it feel inviting and comfortable. 

this house is so inspiring. mostly modern, but ever so classic. i love every single detail and i have to agree with gil’s new book title, this sure is a place i could call home. 

thank you gil for the gift of your beautiful work. it’s so inspiring and refreshing and congrats on your absolutely wonderful new book.