last week i did a post on interior designer frank de biasi/ see post here. i love his work, his style and his instagram. i have been inspired by the pictures i’ve seen of his holiday decor on instagram.

well, lo and behold, this week frank’s apartment he shares with designer gene meyer was featured on new york social diary. NYSD always gives you a lot of pictures, a lot of details, and a true glimpse into peoples homes…. you really feel like a welcomed guest.

i loved seeing more of frank’s home and more of his fun, festive and quirky holiday decor, more importantly, i felt like i was invited over for christmas. and you know what, i had a good time! enjoy!



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this week there’s been a theme to my posts. yes, of course the holidays are top of mind, but so is white, the color of winter and of snow.

my last post was on ivory rooms that evoke the holiday spirit. a few of the rooms that i featured were rooms from hubert de givenchy’s renaissance castle, chateau du jonchet, in the french country side.

all of hubert’s homes are favorites, i could move into any of them and never turn back. in my dreams, jonchet would be my winter home, and probably where i’d spend christmas. next year, you must come visit!

merry, merry everyone! i hope you enjoy christmas!


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Part 2


right now i have winter whites on my mind. it’s that time of year that we crave and are inspired by a winter wonderland. layers of ivory. textures like lambswool, mohair, cashmere and fur. layers of nature. birch trees, ice, pinecones and snow.

layering an ivory outfit in the winter is not that much different than layering an ivory room. take a note from these rooms and these designers. they do it so good with wools, woods, linens, leathers, stone, lacquers…it’s all about texture. that’s what makes winter whites the color of winter wonderlands.





Atelier Am

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Stephen Sills

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Victoria Hagan

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Thomas Pheasant

1-modern-bedroom-new-york-city-ny-by-thomas-pheasant-interiors1 2-modern-dining-room-new-york-city-new-york-by-thomas-pheasant-interiors 3-modern-living-room-new-york-city-new-york-by-thomas-pheasant-interiors2 4-modern-living-room-new-york-city-new-york-by-thomas-pheasant-interiors