do you want some summer inspiration? well lets head out east and take a tour of this divine long island home in the recent architectural digest

welcome to woody house, from the outside it’s a pretty humble long island home that sits between the atlantic ocean and a coastal lagoon. on the inside it’s a bohemian fantasy that has to be the chicest thing i’ve seen in a long time. 

over the years the owners hired peter marino and my friend genevieve faure to work on the interiors and pietro cigognani to do the architecture. the owners are artists and avid travelers….you can see the influences in every detail. 

i’m smitten with the layers and the fabrics, the wicker and bone inlaid treasures, the treillage work and hand painted floors, the lampshades and the art….i’m actually smitten with it all, how can you not be smitten with a house in which the guest cottage feels like you have packed up and gone to sweden. i quite possibly have looked at the editorial more than 20 times this past weekend. 

jennifer ash rudick wrote the story. she also has a new book called out east coming out in july. if this is a sign of what is to come in the book, it’s going to be a treasure. 

i don’t know about you, but i’m loving what i see out east. enjoy!

photographs by tria giovan


i got stuck on a beautiful table set in green and white on pinterest, then it all went up hill from there.

here are my favorite pinterest pins this week including pictures of my girl friends lauren santo domingo and hayley sarno. all the pins are pretty much green and white, and very, very pretty!

happy weekend!



loved being in newport the last few weeks. such a magical place. newport just exudes all-american style with all the sail boats and yachts, stripes, shingled houses, white picket fences, potted geraniums and american flags. 

i couldn’t help but think about marina rust when i was there. i could just see her being everywhere i went. besides being a great beauty with east coast roots, marina defines classic and timeless all-american style. without a doubt she’s my newport muse.