i just got back from charleston, south carolina. i was there speaking at the historic charleston foundation antique show. what an absolutely beautiful city. i had the best time. 

there were so many wonderful parties hosted in so many beautiful homes. tom scheerer, timothy whealon and alex papachristidis were also there speaking. it was fun spending time with all of them. i also met charleston based designer and author amelia handegan, she invited us over to her apartment last night. she is lovely. 

one of the highlights of the trip was visiting gatewood. an early 18oo’s home that gil schafer worked on . the house and the gardens are spectacular, it also graces the cover of his book. the owner, along with antique dealer john pope, gave us a tour and it was truly inspiring. i was moved and so grateful for the experience. 

the best part of my trip was taking a tour of big white houses with my new friend olivia brock (the lacquered life). she is darling with a capital “d”. i just adore her. she picked me up in her golf cart and away we went. it was so fun and i learned so much about charleston architecture and preservation, along with their south side porches, kitchen houses, and carriage houses. 

for me there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a big white house. charleston sure had a lot of great ones. i hope you enjoy!

pictures by me. please forgive some of the angles. we were going fast on that golf cart. 



the whole world, or at the least the world we all live in, is buzzing about marie anne oudejans jaipur apartment in the new ad. I blogged about it this week/ read here. marie-anne has designed some other amazing places. one being the bar palladio at the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. now it’s unlikely that i’ll ever get to visit marie-anne’s apartment, but we all can visit the bar palladio.

the bar palladio is owned by barbara miolini, a swiss-italian ex-pat who wanted to introduce an italian-style lounge in her adopted home. barbara asked marie- anne to create the magic that makes this place so wonderful. 

there are s0me formulas that resonate between anne-maries apartment and the bar- stripes, tented ceilings, hand painted chinoiserie, treillage, and batiks. the biggest difference is the color palette. the apartment in bold blue and red, the bar is a bit softer with pretty pastels. 

there are some similarities and a few differences, but one thing for sure is they are both beautiful!

photographs from pinterest. 


i started the week talking about the upcoming spring season and gardens. i know everyone is ready for spring, so let’s go back to the topic of gardens. let’s visit hubert de givenchy’s gardens at le jonchet, his countryside home a few hours outside of paris , and there’s no better person to give us a tour than my friend john yunis. 

i’ve introduced all of you to john and his instagram a few times. if you do not follow him you should. he takes us on tours daily of the most magnificent homes throughout the world. 

so here we are in the gardens of le jonchet. first we get to see the potager which was modeled after mount vernon. i sure would love to have a cutting garden, a vegetable garden, and a potting shed that looked like this (you know givenchy and bunny mellon were best friends, can’t you see the similarities in their potting sheds?)….

….then we head back near the house and see the parterres, the formal gardens, probably the most noticeable part of givenchy’s gardens.  they have been photographed a lot and are all over pinterest, 

it really doesn’t get any better than this. like all of you i’m longing for spring and hoping someday to have garden’s like givenchy’s.

thanks again john- love your tours and your instagram!