my office is all a buzz about the new wallpaper and fabric collection that schumacher just collaborated with vogue on. it’s beautiful- we love a chintz, a check, and of course a stripe. can’t wait to use these beauties in our projects/ see here. 

my friend dara capaonigo, and her team, collabrated with vogue’s hamish bowles on the chic 17 designs collection. if you are familiar with the vogue archives and their aesthetic (i.e. anna wintour’s own homes and office) the collection will not be a surprise. love that individual patterns are named after some of the most stylish that have ever lived- cecil beaton, marella agnelli, bunny mellon, talitha getty, gloris guinness, etc. 

i love this collection and i’m always so proud to be apart of the schumacher family. everything they create is beautiful and they know how to create the magic we all want to be apart of…..who doesn’t want to live in vogue?!

photographs by melanie acevedo


i can’t believe it’s been 20 years since princess diana passed away. seems like yesterday and it still seems so real and so fresh.

the feeling of sadness has never really left me. over the last few days i’ve been thinking about her loss and why and how she touched so many. i posted a few pictures of her on my instagram and i realized most feel the same way i do. 

it was a fairy tale for sure. a simple and young beauty finding her older prince. the magical wedding i remember getting up in the middle of the night to watch. her big eyes and wonderful hair. her colorful clothes and fun hats…

…her smile, her warmth, her obvious love for her darling boys, her vulnerability, her compassion, her strength, her passion, her pain….

she was a princess in every sense of the word, she was wonderful and magnificent, but she seemed real. they called her “the peoples princess.” what a wonderful title. she will always be in our hearts and even more importantly, fresh in our minds. i hope she knows. 

pictures from pinterest. 


we are starting a new project in l.a.. it’s a wonderful bungalow in hollywood. we are going to make it clean, simple and cozy. it will have a bit of a minimal vibe and will have a lot of white. my mind was on this new project all week, i guess you can tell by the pinterest pins i was pinning. 

here are some of my favorite pinterest pins, and yes, they are very pretty!