Margaux / MDS Stripes


if you think about a woman’s wardrobe, two things that are a must are an espadrille and a striped tee….both classics that are timeless and necessary. these two classics are so great we decided to put them together.

i’m so excited to announce the collaboration of mds stripes with margaux. margaux is a shoe brand that makes exquisitely crafted ballerina flats. we cannot think of a better partner for mds stripes to collaborate with. margaux believes in all-american style as much as we do. margaux’s comfort and craftsmanship mixed with out feminine twist on the classic stripe, it’s a marriage made in striped heaven. 

shop our new espadrille here. there are two styles that come with interchangeable in black grosgrain and our MDS signature stripe. i don’t know about you, but i’m in love with our new shoe stripes!

photographs by bridget badore


Part 2


i’m a bit obsessed with all things cabana right now. here is a peek inside of cabana magazines editor and founder martina sartoga london home that was featured in architectural digest a bit ago/ see here. i got to spend a little time with martina in LA a few weeks. she is elegant and stylish just like her beautiful magazine.

cabana always offers sumptuous layers of texture, color, pattern and patina, therefore martina’s home is not a surprise. you can tell the home is owned by avid collectors who are well traveled and understand the past. there is a mix of craft and art, africa and europe, ancient and modern intersecting in every direction with fabrics, furnishings and century spanning treasures. you can also see the influence of renzo mondiardino who decorated her parents home in milan.

we all know a magazine takes it’s shape from the editor. you can see the magazine come to life in every detail of martina’s home. take a look, then look closer again, it’s all in the details…it’s so very inspiring to see more of cabana at home.

photographs by miguel flores-vianna