i was on pinterest most of today pinning inspiration for projects. it was a relaxing day. 

i pinned a picture of stephen sills home and gardens i’d never seen before and discovered a new water color artist on kayce hughes pinterest page. for some reason i found myself pinning a lot of polka dots. i also pinned several pictures from my friend sarah bartholomew’s glorious red, white and blue show house room in atlanta. 

i’m always pinning stripes, blue and white, and glorious gardens, but i have to say what i’ve been pinning most lately are pinterest pins of princess diana. i can’t get her out of my mind. she was so beautiful. her life was so tragic. i hope she somehow knows how much everyone misses her and how much we all still love her. 

Vogue 125


vogue magazine is celebrating their 125th anniversary with their new september issue, and oh what an issue it is! can you believe vogue is 125 years old? let’s have a party!!

jennifer lawrence, the girl that everyone loves, graces the cover. there are four collectors edition covers photographed by annie leibovitz and inez and vinoodh. one of the covers is a portrait of jennifer by american artist john currin, which is really cool and super inspiring. 

if this isn’t enough, vogue also included the statue of liberty on one of the covers with jennifer. i found this very moving, very relevant and a very important message.

” Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

let us never forget these words engraved on lady liberty, this is what makes america so beautiful, 

happy birthday vogue- let’s celebrate what’s really beautiful and let freedom always ring!


it seems like every conversation i have had the last few weeks with friends, clients, and co-workers…everyone has asked “have you seen that beautiful house in england with all the color, pattern and chintz in the new AD?” a few moments later, they then say “don’t you love it?” well, yes i do, it’s fun and fabulous, and if you haven’t seen it, take a tour here

stibblinton house is in cambridge and it’s inhabited by a very young couple with two darling children. alice naylor-leyland is a fashion girl who rose to fame with her instagram and her legendary 30th birthday party thrown at their home. yes, she’s only thirty. the house was in her husband tom’s family- must be nice! 

it looks like a home that had been decorated many years ago by either john fowler or nancy lancaster. well, it wasn’t. this young couple did it all themselves. that’s what makes it so wonderful. 

so great to see a young couple with such great taste. it’s also so great to see they made it their own- it’s elegant and quirky, glamorous and cozy, it’s vibrant and subtle, and mostly, it’s just fun and fabulous!!

photographs by simon upton