note sure where the theme for these pinterest pins came from. truly, i just pin what i like then at the end of the week i pick my favorites and somehow always they tell a story. 

this week the story is blue and white florals and chinoiserie mixed with a little green and some hits of pink. the story is pretty. i love that my garden, miles redd’s new ballard collection, my friend rebecca de ravenel’s apartment and more giambattista valli couture is apart of the mix. 

enjoy! it’s always a good idea to make things pretty. 

Tria Giovan Photography

The High Line


today i was in nyc. i went and took a walk on the high line, the mile and half elevated linear park on the west side near the meat the packing district. i had never been there before. i loved it. i especially loved all the flowers and the landscaping.

i have been a bit obsessed with recent giambattista valli fall 2107 couture collection. i’ve been posting some of my favorite dresses from the collection on instagram. the collection was beautiful and it looks like it was inspired by flowers and gardens.

i couldn’t help think today when i was on the high line how perfect a venue it would be for the GV couture collection. the colors, the flowers, the textures, the long linear path would have been the perfect floral runway. 

photographs of the flowers on the high line are my moi. 


i need a vacation and i want to spend my vacation in this colorful villa in portugal. 

the villa is owned by winemaker and countess naomie marone cinzano, and decorated by the great john stefanidis. the house is feature in the new archectural digest.

what first caught my eye was all the open air rooms and the italian wicker. then i started studying the color. love the bold take on color and print. the ikats are divine, the stripes are sublime, the hand painted motifs in the yellow room are inspiring and that red and white canopy bed has to be mine. 

so go ahead and study it….the color is hypnotic and i guarantee all of you are going to want to go on vacation with me. 

photographs by miguel flores- vianna