i’ve had a long love affair with the color blue. i love all shades of blue. blue makes me happy and i think it goes with everything. and there are times i have crushes, and right now i have a color crush on cobalt. 

cobalt adds so much to a room, whether it’s in a graphic fabric, an abstract piece of art, or even a piece for furniture. it instantly make a room feel cool. same is true with adding cobalt to an outfit. a cobalt sweater, jacket or accessory can make any outfit chic, and it feels cool.

cobalt was my color choice for the holiday house, the boutique hotel i just designed in palm springs/ see the recent domino story here. it’s also one of the newest colors in our mds stripes spring 2017 collection, and cobalt is the color i’m relying on for my spring 2017 henredon high point market set up. more on that soon, but as you can see i think cobalt not only goes with everything, but it’s cool. 




Pauline de Rothschild


i’m heading to high point, north carolina today for the spring 2017 furniture market. i will be setting up my henredon collection in the showroom and presenting it to the buyers and editors during market. we are not launching anything new, but we sure are creating a beautiful presentation. 

pauline de rothschild’s style and homes was a great source of inspiration for my set up. there will be a cobalt blue velvet lifestyle reminiscent of pauline’s blue velvet library at chateau mouton and there will be plenty of chinoiserie and surprise, surprise, lot’s of stripes. 

here are some images of pauline’s homes in london and paris. her london drawing room was sensation, the chinoiserie clad columns, checked cushions and striped louis XVI chairs were swoon worthy and who cannot be moved by her paris apartment’s salon and bedroom, both in 18th century chinoiserie wallpaper. 

believe it or not, pauline’s spaces were a bit spare, the drama was in the details and beauty of the pieces. pauline was so chic and so stylish, an icon on so many levels and for me a great source of delight and inspiration. how could i not be moved by someone who loved chinoiserie and stripes as much as i do. 

if you want to see more of my henredon set up, follow along with me on instagram. we will be making things beautiful!

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Easter Sunday


i was on pinterest today and i came across the most beautiful table. a table set with pretty pastels and most beautiful china. i clicked on the picture and it went to tory daily, tory burch’s blog. then i realized it was a table set by my friend sarah bartholomew. tory had done a feature on her asking her for tips for setting the perfect spring table….guess what? it’s perfect!

happy easter everyone. here are some pretty pastel pinterest pins to get you into the easter spirit!