Perry Guillot


the other day i did a post on reed and delphine krakoff’s east hampton home that is up for sale/ see post here. the house is extraordinary and so are the gardens. the lush green lawn with privet hedges and secret enclaves is signature perry guillot. perry is one of the worlds best landscape architects. his work and talent is immense, that’s why i often refer to him as the garden god.

here is a preview of some of his projects. if you look close you might recognize a few homes and gardens we all admire (hint- both ladies have lifestyle brands that bear their names.) welcome to heaven!

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i’m all about fresh starts right now. wouldn’t you like to start fresh in this house? well, it might be possible. this house is for sale.

the house is in east hampton. once the summer home of jackie kennedy as a child, most recently the home of reed and delphine krakoff. the house built was built in 1917. the main house and the pool house sit on 11 acres and can be yours for a mere 52 million.

the icing on the cake is that the house is not only on the market, it’s big and white and the gardens are designed by perry guillot. he’s brilliant.

1-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-27 1-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-03 2-rajs_151014_0819_24ldsrgb 2-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-24 3-landscape-1474294514-rajs-151014-0875-24ldsrgb-horz 3-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-05 4-rajs_151020_4309_24ldsrgb 4-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-22 5-rajs_151014_1981_24ldsrgb 5-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-13 6-rajs_151020_4318_24ldsrgb 6-5-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-26 7-krakoff-east-hampton-estate-18

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2017


the best part of a new year is the possibilities for a fresh start. it always feels good to start fresh and to clean things up.

neutral fashion with simple and clean lines always feels good in the new year. love this new elizabeth and james 2017 pre-fall collection. looks like all you really need is a white shirt, a black dress, a grey cashmere sweater and a cropped chino. classic basics, timeless essentials and stylish neutrals always make for a fresh start!

1-21-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 2-24-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 3-06-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 6-01-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 7-5-27-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 8-14-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 9-13-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 10-11-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 11-15-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 12-26-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017 13-18-elizabeth-and-james-pre-fall-2017