i was looking for some neutral inspiration recently and i didn’t have to look far….i went right to my good friend sarah bartholomew’s portfolio. she recently decorated a townhouse in washington d.c. and it was published in house beautiful. it’s perfect- take a tour/ here. 

sarah has a great eye, she understands classic design and references to the past, but what she does feels new and fresh. perfect for stylish clients who want to live with timeless design.

sarah and i have a rich history and a special friendship. it started many years ago with our love of givenchy and from there it has flourished into something very dear. i’m so happy i can look to her for so many things that friends do, but also for beautiful inspiration. 


Spring 2018


it’s been widely noticed and commentated on that the street fashion at this seasons spring 2017 collections has been very tame and classic- does this mean the days of crazy street fashion to just get attention are over? i hope so. 

what’s been happening in the streets is timeless fashion made up of basics and classic essentials- denim, blazers, stripes, trench coats, and navy….what’s made it all feel new is the pop of red in the mix. 

who new classics and timeless fashion could feel so fresh? i have to say “i did.” this is what i call “street chic!”

Mita Corsini Bland


i’m a big fan of water colors of beautiful rooms. mita corsini bland is a wonderful artist and the best at this rare form of art. i would love to someday have water color rendering of all my design concepts to present to clients, that’s how designers used to present their creative ideas to clients.

most often you see water colors of rooms in bright colors with layers of pattern and print. very rarely do you see neutral ones. here are a few that i just discovered by mita. some of the rooms will look familiar…can you guess which ones are of rooms designed by veere grenney?

i’m so inspired by mita’s work, especially these pieces with neutral tones.