it’s friday, the last friday of summer, time for friday favorites…

– i’m always craving a new fresh interior i haven’t seen before…here’s one by david netto, featured on savvy home this week/ see here. it’s not what would be my normal vibe, but there is something about it that feels fresh and pretty!

– i’ve noticed some chic girls lately wearing scarves tied around their wrist and ankles, the man repeller for one, feels kinda hermès-ish, yet modern, i think it looks chic!

hrh lily is in another issue of veranda…her garden party portrait by hayley sarno is featured in the october issue on stands now…it goes without saying we are proud parents.

– newlywed daphne javitch, of ten undies,  is so beautiful, talented and chic..i love the profile on her this week on the epitome of quiet/ see here. also, love all the blue and white stripes in her apartment.

the u.s. open has started….i’m not going anywhere for labor day, i’ll be watching!

vogue.com, my go to for everything, just got a face-lift. a whole new look and boy it sure looks good/ explore here

….as always, i leave you with my favorite pinterest pins of the week….i’m loving color! enjoy!

David netto via Savvy home/ see more here

1- David-Netto-Oceanfront-Dining-Room

loving a small scarf tied around a wrist or ankle

2- 11abc6486085690619e534a122977a90

HRH Lily is Veranda again!

3- MDS

Daphne Javitch featured on the epitome of quiet/ see more here

4- journal_25_pic_55_res

the u.s. open has started- i’ll be watching!

5- 707ee7e14a357947d519718893eec2f8

Vogue.com has gotten a face lift and it looks good/ see here-  enjoy!

6- cfe7d569eb068f6e9cdf6370b0f1b31a

Favorite pinterest pins of the week/ follow here

1- d3e27511def431d65f8d018527fd5e48 2- fed95bb22d435b31482d317e962e0284 3- 71944952d9f4321185ccf03f89d4d5c3 4- 089d3f7a194711d39d5cc3aa51413a87 5- 2fc5efaea865c1f4ac327824eb2818d8

I’m loving color!


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