if you are on instagram you have probably noticed that everyone is on vacation somewhere fabulous in europe, and it seems like everyone has been in capri…michael and i have said to one another more than once, “do these people work?” if you can do it, why not? good for them!

capri is not only all a buzz with tourists it has also been creating buzz in the fashion world…dolce & gabbana showed their fall 2014 alta moda collection, that would be couture, this past week in capri…read more here.

everyone arrived by boat, even the models, at sunset and the scene was set. i love all the color, all the print, of course, all the stripes- so glamorous, so dramatic, so chic, so “la dolce vita!”

what’s funny is it was a fall collection, however, it seemed like a resort collection, but you know the people that can afford couture aren’t bound by seasons, they are traveling all the time to sunny places just like everyone else on instagram!

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