a little less than a year ago we decided we needed a larger master bedroom… we wanted more space so we could sit and read, play with lily (a.k.a. HRH Lily), our french bulldog, as well as, have more space for my growing collection of blue shirts, navy cashmere crew-necks, striped tees, grey sweatpants, and belgian loafers…..

if i was going to have a larger master bedroom, i had to have gracie wallpaper on the walls…i always wanted to sleep surrounded by gracie (i have always loved bunny williams master bedroom, and mark hampton’s legendary master bedroom- both clad in gracie)…but then i realized i couldn’t have both a bedroom and a dining room with chinoiserie wallpaper (my dining room at the time had gracie wallpaper on the walls) ….

so this is how it all began… one thing led to another and before i knew it the whole house was being redecorated…the dining room became mirrored to reflect the front gardens, then it seemed like the perfect place to create a gallery to showcase my collection of art…i had always wanted a tented room so the small guest bedroom seemed like the perfect place for it….both michael and i had always loved the red pierre frey  “tree of life” bedroom at givenchy’s country home in france (le jonchet)…..the time seemed right to have  one of our own….

so this is how it went…i realized through the process that i was needing a change, there was something exhilarating and fulfilling about repurposing things, moving things around, re-covering, making rooms more functional, and even editing a bit…

there were some things that didn’t change…all my favorite blue and white pieces are still scattered around every room, books are still piled around on most surfaces, my collection of boxes are still clustered in vignettes, art’s still leaning everywhere, even my collection of coral found a new home..inside the living room fireplace…you can change your surroundings, but the things you love don’t have to change.

the redecorating of the house happened so quickly and before i knew it we were doing a photoshoot with veranda. i have always loved veranda magazine…. every issue inspires with beautiful and timeless interiors. i couldn’t be more thrilled, honored and humbled to have my newly transformed home in the july-august 2014 issue, not to mention on the cover- so very exciting!

thank you to carolyne englefied, i’m so happy we found each other, thank you to roger davies for the beautiful photographs, to mario lopez-cordero for translating the story perfectly into words, and to kaitlin pertersen and sarah bray for your beautiful on-line stories

lastly, special thanks to clinton smith, the editor in chief of veranda. clinton summed it all up perfectly in his monthly editorial page when he said, “…that even the most thought-out spaces can benefit from a small freshening up—-or a big transformation. people grow, evolve, and change, so why shouldn’t our rooms?”

i have had so many people ask,”why?”, i say “why not!” it was time for a change!

take a complete tour of the house and see more pictures here

all photographs by roger davies

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