if i had to summarize what this blog is really about i’d say it’s all about my “favorite things.” everyday i do a post about something i love, something or someone that is inspiring me, something i genuinely find beautiful and meaningful. therefore, of course i have to ask everyone in part 2 of my  interviews all about “their favorite things.” well, here are Lauren Santo Domingo’s favorites:

i’ve had so much fun with this interview with the lsd. i absolutely adore lauren- she’s bright, witty, beautiful, and of course chic and glamorous. she maneuvers through the world of business, fashion, social media and lifestyle brilliantly and symbolically, but if i had to only summarize it i’d say she makes us all realize that real style is alive and well.

lauren gives us hope, there are young women that still get it, that have it, that will carry on the essence of the greats- jackie, babe, c.z., marella, grace, gloria, slim, lee, deeda, jayne, mica, and nan to name a few, but women like lauren can do it in their own way, a modern way- i guess that’s why i always refer to lauren as a modern day swan. enjoy!

lastly, i want to do something special since lauren has been featured more than anyone else on the blog. i’ve created a flipagram of all my favorite LSD looks that have been featured over the last few years on the blog. see it on my instagram here and on my facebook page here.

also, follow lauren on pinterest here and instagram here, that is if you don’t already, which is highly unlikely.


MDS- Currently, What is your favorite Color?

LSD- Lilac, in theory. Cornflower blue, in practice.


MDS- What is your favorite Flower?

LSD- For the fragrance, i love jasmine, hyacinth, lavender. In arrangements, I love narcissus in a silver tub, mimosas in a wicker basket, poppies in chinese porcelain, tulips in ceramic vases. To plant: delphinium, snap dragon, and poppies.


MDS- What is your favorite Book?

LSD- I could never choose just one.  I am mainly drawn to female protagonists that are strong, beautiful and seductive, reckless, selfish and spoiled; complete with all the flaws and ennui that make people interesting. But, since you asked, here are a few of my favorites: Dominique Francon in The Fountain Head, Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind , Blaire in Less than Zero, Lady Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises and the legendary Lily Bart and Undine Spragg in Edith Wharton’s  House of Mirth and Custom of the Country, respectively.

MDS- What is your favorite Restaurant?

LSD- Momofuku Ko


MDS- What is your favorite Gift to give or to receive?

LSD- I prefer to both give and receive gifts that have been carefully and painstakingly chosen by me.


MDS- Who is your favorite Artist?

LSD- I’m into Surrealists, like Magritte and Dali, and modern artists like Kline, Rothko, Motherwell, Soulages. I can’t get enough of the great portrait painters too like Boldini, Sargent, Gainsbourough; even the Dutch Tronies are endlessly fascinating. I have yet to be seduced by what is often referred to as Contemporary Art, and I doubt Never will. I’m quite old-fashioned in many ways?


MDS- What is your favorite Indulgence?

LSD- Books. My Kindle is the second most underused appliance in my house after my hairdryer.


MDS- What is your favorite Store?

LSD- JAR, Paris.


MDS- What is your favorite vacation spot?

LSD- Cartagena, Colombia.





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