after many, many, many months the new MDS store is finally (here)! finally everyone can buy all the the fashion, all the favorite items and all the books that i talk about on a daily basis.

it’s easy too! all you have to do is go to the bright blue store at the far right of the tool bar at the top of the blog and start shopping.

the first category is (new). this will be updated monthly with new collections for both (women) and (men), small little curated capsules of both fashion and accessories- basically everything you will need each month to update and refresh your wardrobe.

what’s new now for (womens) is a lot of black with navy, lightened up with ivory and brightened up with a bit of gold. everything needed to look chic for the holiday. for (men), it’s all about navy, black and ivory too, however, with a great mix of winter stripes in navy and white of course to make it feel cool! see a little preview on the right.

then we have a womens category and a mens category. each will have a little section of (fashion) and (accessories) that will be updated weekly. then we have my favorite sections, both men and women will have a section of my (favorites)- military jackets, white jeans, chambray shirts, stripes, navy blazers, grey tees, chinos, denim….. all the best of everything i love and talk about daily can be yours too!

lastly, we have an amazing (book store), i like to call it the MDS library. so many books, every book i feature for sunday book club is past and present is here. every time i find a new book i love, i’ll add it to the book store and you can love it too!

that’s not all- home will be coming soon! probably the first of next year!

this is all very new, i’d appreciate your feedback. we will constantly be tweaking and making updates. let me know what you think, but for now- happy shopping! the MDS Store is here!!!

i’d like to thank michael for all of your love and support. endless thanks to my MDS Interiors team- all of you inspire every day. thank you to preston davis and paloma contreras for all the advice throughout the concepting, building and executing of the store. lastly and mostly, to jennifer scully, who really made this happen, i couldn’t have pulled this off without your hard-work, friendship, genius and patience- you are everything!


Women’s New- Black, Navy, Ivory and Gold

Women’s Favorites

Men’s New- Black, Navy, Ivory and stripes

Men’s Favorites


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