I can’t think of a better way to introduce part 2 of my MDS interview with stephen sills than with excerpts from the forward to stephen’s new book, stephen sills: decorates, by karl lagerfeld. he says it best- enjoy!

“stephen helps his faithful clients to understand the value of form and colors. his palette is very refined and restrained, but without any tendency toward monotony. he uses objects and furniture through elegant associations. that is what gives the places he has designed this very special stephen sills style. they are never boring, overdesigned, or banal, but always refined and extremely comfortable. he knows the traditions and styles of the past, but never uses references directly .”

“should i do a place in america (and stephen is a 100 percent american interior designer in the best sense of the word), i would ask him to help me make the place perfect. ” Karl Lagerfeld

buy stephen’s new book- stephen sills: decoration (here)

MDS- what is your favorite Color?

SS- Charcoal and many shades of white

Architectural digest- Francois halard photograph



MDS- what is your favorite Flower?

SS- White Brassia orchid



MDS- who is your favorite Artist?

SS- Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly art- francois halard photograph


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Book?

SS-My collection of antique books on decoration.

Stephen’s Bedford, New York library- francois halard photograph


MDS- what is your favorite Restaurant?

SS- La Esquina in New York City

La Esquina


MDS- what is your favorite Accessory?

SS- Sculpture, classical or contemporary, it gives the space a 3-dimensional quality.



MDS- what is your favorite Gift to give or to receive?

SS- Books, they are my favorite gifts to receive, so I love to share them as gifts.

 Stephen Sills: Decoration (buy here)



MDS- what is your favorite Indulgence?

SS- Fabulous food and wine

A stephen sill’s designed kitchen on long island, ny – house beautiful- trevor tondro photograph



MDS- what is your favorite Store?

SS- Alexander Biaggi’s shop in Paris – he is a true arbiter of real original taste and an amazing visionary of what’s coming.

Alexander Biaggi’s shop in paris, saint germain des prés- francis amiand photographs



MDS- what is your favorite Vacation spot?

SS- All parts of Italy

The Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy


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