every year allison sarofim throws a halloween bash at her townhouse in nyc. i think it’s the thing to get an invite too, see all the pictures from vogue here. this years theme was paul gauguin, interesting right? think art, tahiti, palm trees, topless ladies, banana’s and zebras (yes, giancarlo giammetti went as a zebra).

speaking of giancarlo, it was fun following the night, seeing a lot of pictures the next morning of the party on giancarlo’s instagram. actually everyone who went to the party was instagraming- i saw hundreds of pics! another reason i love instagram, you can be there but not really be there- my kind of party!

looked like quite the event with all the players- valentino, calvin klein, lynn wyatt, marina rust and kinda random, woody allen. yes, the woody allen! i can’t think of anything more fun then seeing woody allen at a gauguin halloween party hanging out with douglas friedman and the brant boys. leave it to allison sarafim- the queen of halloween!


Allison Sarofim

Paul Gauguin Painting

The Brant boys

The Valentino clan- Giancarlo Giammeti’s Instagram

Zani Gugglemann

Paul Gauguin Painting

Bob Colacello and a banana

Model RJ King and Giancarlo- Giancarlo Giammeti’s Instagram

Ross Bleckner and Calvin Klein

Paul Gauguin Painting

Marjorie Gugelman, also known as “mad marge.”

Lynn and “Mad Marge”- Giancarlo Giammeti’s Instagram

Valentino and Lynn Wyatt

Paul Gauguin Painting

Marina Rust

The Valentino clan- Giancarlo Giammeti’s Instagram

Yvonne Force Villareal and some tigers

Paul Gauguin Painting

Douglas Freidman

The pic of the night- Giancarlo Giammeti’s Instagram

Nick Cohen with Allison Sarofim- The Halloween Queen


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