i’m a huge fan of t magazine, one of my favorite columns is “In the Air.” a column by carolina irving, miguel flores-vianna and charlotte di carcaci- how could it not be great with these three?! chic times three!

i love the monthly editorial because it is a visual journey that brings to light trends and ideas told through a collection of beautiful imagery of interiors, fashion, people and art.

this months story is on how fashion is inspired by faraway places, however, it seems right now that designers are more interested in the destination than the journey itself. read the whole t magazine story here.

i was so inspired by this story on travel and fashion that i thought it would be fun to incorporate some of the t magazine images with one of my favorite collections from the spring 2014 season- the valentino collection (see the video of the spring 2014 collection here– you have to!) of course.

the valentino collection was breathtaking, inspiring beyond words, in and of itself took me on a journey to i don’t know where, but wherever it leads i will follow! enjoy!

“Tahiti Island, Matamoe (Landscape with Peacocks)”, Painted by Paul Gauguin in 1882.

Alexandra David-Néel, photographed with her adopted son in 1920.

Antiques dealer Peter Hinwood’s drawing room- The World of Interiors.

The English writer Lesley Blanch, whose book “The Wilder Shores of Love” tells the true story of four 18th and 19th century women who explored the mideast, pictures in the Sahara, circa 1950.

French Artist Paul Jacoulet’s 1935 painting of a young man from Fais Island.

Darazich Minaret in Esfahan, Persia, photographed circa 1934 by Robert Byron, a British pioneer of modern travel writing.

“Carven of Pilgrims in Ramieh,” from a 1236-37 manuscript of “Maqamat al-Hairir.”

Paul Bowles, the American expatriate composer and author, photographed in 1947 at his home in Tangiers.

“Lord Byron in Albanian Dress,” painted by Thomas P)hillips circa 1814.

Court Hall in the main house of painter Frederick Church’s residence, Olana, inspired by architecture he had seen in Beirut, Jerusalem and Damascus.

A 1982 portrait of Bruce Chatwin, whose book “the Songlines” examined the nomadic culture of Austrian Aborigines.

A 1756-58 painting of Countess Marie Fargues in Turkish dress by her husband, the Swiss Painter Jean- étienne Liotard.




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