i have never belonged to a country club, never even been to a polo match or a debutante ball, and unfortunately i’ve never been to a royal wedding, however, i am intrigued with high society!

instead i spent most of my childhood going to the pool, church 3 or more times a week, sitting at my grandfathers barber shop on the weekends, and reading all my mother’s magazines- one of my favorites has always been and still is town & country– it has taught me a lot! so of course, i love the book high society- the town & country picture album 1846-1996– perfect for sunday book club. it’s actually not even my book, a friend let me borrow it over a year ago.

i riffle  through the pictures and chapters endlessly. it has moguls, black tie affairs, hollywood society, grand dames, the sporting scene, the arts, and of course all the  beautiful well-bred ladies- marina rust, dina merrill, and mrs. winston f.c. guest (c.z. guest to all of us- i find it very funny they are always called by their husbands name).

i am absolutely fascinated by all of this, however, i’m in no hurry to apart of it all- seems quite exhausting keeping up with the Jones’s (keeping up with the Rockefeller’s in this case).

what has it taught me? that it’s all a bit silly, and if you have money make sure you look like it’s old money- i’m most certain i could tell you how it’s done- enjoy!

C.Z. Guest- 1959

Frick Byers-1992-Hamilton Farm in New Jersey

Tony and Robin Armour- 1990

Laurence & Mary Rockefeller-1992-Woodstock, Vermont

Dina Merrill-1962

Duke & Duchess of Windsor-Palm Beach

Mrs. W. Palmer Dixon-1954

Isabella Rossellini-1993

Estee Lauder-1974-Palm Beach

Gloria Guinness-1957-Paris

Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock-1986-Candian Lakeside House

Alfred G. Vanderbilt & Randolph Hearst-1934-Los Angeles

Amanda Burden

John Huston-1963-Puerto Vallarta

Mrs. Lewis T. Preston-1952

Marina Rust-1993

Ernest Hemmingway & Michael Lerner-1953

Mrs. Alfred G. Vanderbilt-1962

Brooke Astor-1993-Maine


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