one of my favorite series on the blog is when i feature the homes of my favorite designers. in this case it’s the homes, not just one, not even two, but the three homes of my friend, the brilliant architect bill ingram, who is based in birmingham, alabama.

bills design philosophy resonates in all three homes beautifully- clean lines, warm materials, pleasant textures. i don’t know if it’s because i lived in the south for many years, Nashville and atlanta, but i’m very drawn to bill’s work- i call it simple southern elegance!

first, we have bill’s  lake martin home. for those of you that follow bill on instagram, we all get to go to his chic retreat every weekend! i love the cool architecture, eclectic mix of furnishings, the color palette of nature, and the fantastic lighting. there is something about this space, it’s always been a favorite- i’m ready for a visit!

then we have bill’s perfect cottage in the beautiful mountain brook neighborhood of birmingham, alabama, shot for house beautiful a few years ago. i absolutely love how bill joined the living room and kitchen. separating the space with a unique campaign style kitchen cabinet/ counter and banquette- and i want those the striped wood floors!

lastly, we have bill’s newest home- his sophisticated bachelor pad in atlanta! the condo in colony square is so chic! i love how it is curated, the mix is absolutely divine- the textures, the materials, the mix of old and new, the juxtaposition of everything!

there is so much more to bill than just his great homes and beautiful work- he has great style! i love his bow ties, southern charm, quick wit, and i love the fact he rolls around birmingham in a black Bentley, his abs aren’t too bad either….. much more to come on all this! until then enjoy bill’s homes, all three of them absolute favorites- what i call southern sanctuaries!


Lake House- Southern Accents- Antoine Bootz photographs


Mountain Brook Cottage- House Beautiful- Simon Watson Photographs


Atlanta Condo- Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle- Erica George Dines photographs



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