About 5 years ago I discovered a great thing. I discovered suzanne kasler. first it was her furniture collection for hickory chair, then I discovered her brilliant lighting collection for visual comfort,  then i devoured her first book ‘inspired interiors‘, and of course through the years i have been moved by her brilliant interiors.

About a year ago  exactly, our paths crossed and I got to meet her, and let me tell you she is just as wonderful as all of her design work and all her collections.

If you haven’t discovered everything about Suzanne you should. She’s a fabulous designer from Atlanta with a brilliant eye for all things chic, glamorous and stylish. A perfect Mix of traditional and modern, american and european, old and new, refined and comfortable. Also, She really understands  the connection of interior design and fashion, something I truly hold near and dear to my heart.

On top of all the talent, style, and design genius, Suzanne is literally the nicest and warmest Person you will ever meet. In my book that is what’s really genius. We have had some great laughs, She and I keep talking about that dinner in Atlanta- I can’t wait!

Please enjoy part 1 of my interview with suzanne kasler, one of my favorite designers, not to mention one of the nicest people i have ever met!

MDS- How would you define your style?

SK- I love the word style because for me it encompasses mixing of antique and modern, new and vintage. My style has a European sensibility with a focus on architectural elements of a space. I never put a label on my style. I can do traditional or contemporary, sophisticated or casual, high or low – sometimes all in the same room…and always inspired by fashion.

Entry of Suzanne’s Atlanta home

An Atlanta Living room designed by Suzanne


MDS- Where did you grow up and how do you think that influences your work?

SK- With my father in the Air Force we moved every two years – finally settling down in Indianapolis, Indiana when I was in high school. When I look back on my life I have fond memories of my visits to both my grandparents homes that always remained constant. I really think that understanding that sense of place inspired me and my love of designing homes.

Suzanne, along with her mother, brother and sister, greeting her fighter pilot father, who was just arriving home from being a prisoner of war for seven years during the Vietnam war.


MDS- If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

SK- Something related to fashion…it always inspires me!

Suzannes framed Spring 2010 Paris Couture show invitations.


MDS- Who or what is inspiring you right now?

SK- I’m always inspired by the French – right now French modern. Jean-Michel Frank…Emile-Jacque Ruhlmann…Jacques Adnet….

Jean-Michel Frank Store front in Paris


MDS- What is the favorite room in your home?

SK- My bedroom and dressing room. The bedroom is a chalky white with the most beautiful periwinkle blue taffeta curtains. The dressing room walls are upholstered in the same periwinkle blue silk as the curtains. It creates the most luxurious detail.

Suzanne’s bedroom

Suzanne’s dressing room


MDS- Is there anything you obsessively collect?

SK- Wall art, black and white prints, small mirrors, small paintings, anything to add to my collage.

A wall collage from Suzanne’s upcoming book.

A collage of art over a staircase.

The cover of Suzannes first book, ‘Inspired Interiors’.


MDS- Fill in the blank: “I could never own too many ____________ .”

SK- I have a collection of fabulous costume jewelry – it is housed in an antique artists drawer lacquered white.

A peek at Suzanne’s jewelry collection.



MDS – If you could decorate anyone’s house- who’s would it be and why?

SK- Coco Chanel’s because she was so ahead of her time and has created a style that is still relevant today….also that time in Paris, French modern and fashion…

Chanel: Collections and Creations by Daniele Bott

A Chanel inspired bedroom designed by Suzanne.


MDS- What do you want to be known for?

SK- What is so important to me is that I love to inspire people and show in my work how details and all things beautiful make a difference – it is not just about decorating. It changes peoples’ lives: staying authentic to what you love…

Atlanta living room inspired by a french salon.

Atlanta Living room vignette

Atlanta living room moment.

Atlanta Library


MDS- What do you think is chic, stylish and glamorous?

SK- Living beautifully…yet making it look effortless. Also, finding a way in one’s life to be involved and give back.

A Chic entrance

A stylish kitchen

A glamorous bedroom



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