i woke up this morning after a long night of planning another post to a lovely note from a very, very special person, thanking me for featuring their work in the my favorite room series. i have been astounded by the reaction and appreciation of this series. picking favorites is completely personal and subjective. what i’ve realized is that some of my favorites are yours too!

it’s so clear to me why bunny williams and john rosselli’s living room in punta cana is my favorite room- i thought i’d share a little more why. from the moment i saw their home in town & country years ago, to the cover of bunny’s book point of view, till now- i knew this room was the one!

to start with, i think it’s the most beautiful room i’ve ever seen. i love the china blue linen slip-covered furniture. i love that all the furniture is in the same fabric- so easy, and so chic! beautiful and pretty go a long way, and it looks inviting, comfortable, serene and romantic- all very important!

i love the framed 10 foot scenic panels flanking a john rosselli hand carved mirror- that’s the way to anchor 20 foot space. i love how the pale blue linen is balanced out with chunky and dark wood tables and antiques. and that perfectly appointed large center table breaking up the two sitting areas in the room is genius.

then you have all the blue and white ceramics- love! the ikats and suzani’s- love! the cotton striped rugs- love! all the pedestals, all the hurricanes, the boxes, the bowls, all the objects- i just love!

besides this, another reason i love this room so much is because it’s bunny and john’s. i have shopped at john’s antique store for years, and their garden shop treillage as well, bunny’s home collection is an absolute favorite, both have become friends and i truly admire everything about them.

so many rooms to choose from, but there could only be one favorite! for me it has always been bunny and john’s punta cana- i think it’s easy to see why! enjoy!


Bunny Williams and John Rosselli’s Punta Cana- My favorite Room! it think it’s easy to see why!


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