my favorite answer of peter dunham’s part 1 interview was how he defines his style, “merchant ivory moderne.” i think this says it all! peter was born in england and spent his informative years in england, france and spain. his heritage, along with his extensive travels around the world, resonates in his interior design work, his furniture and his gorgeous textiles.

when i was writing this i tried to recall when i first came across peter’s work. i think  it was when he was named by house & garden one of the “new tastemakers” in 2005- i miss that magazine. i also remember distinctly being in awe of the home he designed for actress jennifer garner that was in vogue living (i miss that magazine too) and the home of juicy couture founder pam skaist-levy. both of these projects illustrate his distinct style, as well as, his range from casual and eclectic to glamourous and refined, of course all with an elegant english bohemian sensibility. oh, and i can’t forget his rooms in the “house of windsor” show house- by far, the best!

one of my favorite things about doing these interviews is finding out more about these tastemakers i admire- i love finding out their favorite things (see more of peter’s favorite’s here)! it’s nice to find out what flowers i should send them if i had too, or what gifts they like! where to take them to dinner or shopping! speaking of shopping, i was just peter’s favorite store today! now if only i could go to his favorite vacation spot! i hope you enjoy getting to know more about peter- i know i did!

Dearest Peter- thank you for the lovely interview! as always, very charming, informative and witty!


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Accessory?

PD- Flowers

Flowers at Hollywood at Home


MDS- What is your favorite Flower?

PD- Anemones

Vintage Anemone Print.



MDS- What is your favorite Gift to give or to receive?

PD- Vintage books

Books at Hollywood at Home.


MDS- What is your favorite Book?

PD- The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell

The Alexandria Quartet



MDS- What is your favorite Restaurant?

PD- La Grenouille

The dining room at La Grenouille- New York City


MDS- What is your favorite Color?

PD- Green

Peter Dunham for Veranda’s  “House of Windsor” Show House.

Peter Dunham Textiles- Fig Leaf Pattern



MDS- Who is your favorite Artist?

PD- Picasso

Pablo Picasso, 1956. 

Sleeper Near the Shutters-1939



MDS- What is your Indulgence of choice?

PD- Mariage Fréres dark chocolates

Mariage Fréres Shop in Japan


MDS- What is your favorite Store?

PD- JF Chen

JF Chen C Project



MDS- What is your favorite Vacation spot?

PD- My family’s home in Cadaques, Spain

Dunham Family home in Cadaques, Spain. I keep saying, “i have to go to Spain!” I think this could be my favorite vacation spot too!


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