this weekend in la has been wet, cold and gloomy. i have to say it’s been nice because i’ve been able to get caught up on reading, to do lists and the plan is to see a few movies. however, when i woke up this morning and looked outside to see grey skies, i longed for a bit of color, for some inspiration, some beauty! no better place to get it than from charlotte moss’ new book called charlotte moss- a visual life. i call it a feast for the eyes!

a few weeks ago i introduced you to this book- a book on scrapbooks, collages, and inspirations. because i was feeling the need for a vacation we went traveling with charlotte through her glorious and fantastic collages to france and italy. so this morning because i’m in the mood for a bit of color, and always in the mood for inspiration, let’s explore her color boards- a beautiful treat!

each board is a color story, in my past life we called them mood boards, made up of places and things! a curated collection of tear sheets from books and magazine, that include furniture, gardens, architecture, interiors, flowers, art, objects, accessories and graphics, i’m certain i’m missing a few other things, all mixed together into a color story- a beautiful story!

i don’t know about you, but this is just what i needed this morning! i hope you enjoy it too! if you haven’t already you must get this book, it’s something special, a treat, a beautiful story- it’s always by my side! the only way i can describe it is as a feast for the eyes- today is part 2!

enjoy yourself- color by number!

all images from the book charlotte moss: a visual life: scrapbooks, collages, and inspirations.

Blue- Color Story # 1

Blue- Color Story # 2

Robin’s Egg- Color Story # 3

Robin’s Egg- Color Story # 4

Turquoise – Color Story # 5

Turquoise – Color Story # 6

Green- Color Story # 7

Green- Color Story # 8

Fuschia- Color Story # 9

Fuschia- Color Story # 10

Magenta- Color Story # 11

Magenta- Color Story # 12

Yellow- Color Story # 13

Yellow- Color Story # 14

Apricot- Color Story # 15

Apricot- Color Story # 16

Orange- Color Story # 17

Orange- Color Story # 18

Brown- Color Story # 19

Brown- Color Story # 20


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