for those of you who read the blog regularly you know how i feel about lauren santo domingo- she’s chic, she’s glamorous, she’s stylish! she’s what it’s all about- classic like c z guest, elegant like babe paley, pretty like lee radziwill – to me she’s like a modern day swan!

lauren is always on my best dressed list- always top of the list! besides being a wife, mother, perrier water heiress and co-founder of moda operandi an on-line trunk show, she also has a reoccurring contributing editor segment on vogue.com called apt with lsd in which she takes us inside the homes of the style set. a few years ago she gave us a peek at her new york city apartment, see here. she lives like she dresses- pretty chic!

last month we got another peek into how she lives! this time into her paris duplex designed by the great decorator francois catroux, the go to interiors man for everyone from the rothschilds to the von furstenbergs. this time in vogues september issue- the issue of the year, probably, the home of the year! the duplex that sits directly above her in-laws apartment is modern, cool and chic- just like she dresses!

home with LSD- dressing, living, being a modern day swan! what it’s all about!

all photographs in vogue by norman jean roy


the lsd at home in paris

the entrance hall of the paris duplex that sits directly over her in-laws apartment

legendary decorator francois catroux preserved the 18th-century boiserie and plasterwork, and stained the parquet floors

the drawing room filled with 20-th century modern antiques

open in ultramarine with white (1973), by robert motherwell, anchors the corner of the drawing room

louis the xvi dining chairs surround a table designed by catroux in the 1970’s

the master bedroom

the library

my favorite part of the duplex- the terrace designed by landscape architect madison cox

the living room of her nyc flatiron loft via apt with lsd

her closet and office in nyc

home with lsd- she lives like she dresses! what it’s all about!


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