probably my favorite things in the world are my books, lately they’ve also become my best friends, therefore, i thought why not create my own sunday book club- so welcome to the mark d. sikes sunday book club! sunday’s will be my take on all my old and new favorite books- i have a lot of them! you can be guaranteed they will always be about chic people, glamorous places or stylish things!

i love hollywood, i love glamour and i love architecture, therefore, how could i not love the new book paul r. williams- classic hollywood style.

paul r. williams was one of the most celebrated architects of his generation. orphaned at age four, he went on to study at many prominent southern california art, design and engineering schools. William’s was the first african american member of the american institute of architects. he moved around many worlds, with such celebrity clients as frank sinatra, lucille ball and tyrone power, as well as clients who made hollywood run behind the scenes, not to mention all of los angeles society.

williams mastered a wide range of architectural styles during this time period- including american colonial, spanish mediterranean, english tudor, french normandy, art deco and california ranch style. known for his entrances, dramatic winding staircases, moldings and overall old- school hollywood glamour- not a surprise he has is a favorite and i love this book! keep in mind i love the architecture showcased in this book, however, the interior design in most of these spaces is very unfortunate- not sure how that is possible!

in the 1940’s he re-designed and added rooms to the very chic and amusing beverly hills hotel, which is coming up on it’s 10oth anniversary, and it’s rumored there will be a new book celebrating this grand occasion. you can bet there will be a mark d. sikes sunday book club post coming on this!

it’s a perfect day today in los angeles, maybe sunday brunch at the beverly hills hotel is in order! happy sunday!

this post is dedicated to bill and jimmy- my two new favorite architects! here’s to a lovely la evening!

degnan residence- la canda flintridge-1927

degnan residence- la canda flintridge- 1927

rossetti residence- hollywood hills- 1928 

degnan residence- la canda flintridge-1927

sensenbrenner residence- beverly hills- 1933

preminger residence- beverly hills- 1925

scott- mcmartin residence- beverly hills- 1932

sensenbrenner residence- beverly hills- 1933

harris residence- holmby hills- 1937

harris residence- holmby hills- 1937

landis residence- beverly hills- 1955

landis residence- beverly hills- 1955

paul r. williams- the author of old-school hollywood glamour.



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