this past week i was in hong kong. before any long flight i need lot’s of reading material. i was beyond thrilled to find the new march issue of the world of interiors prior to boarding- it all begins here!

with lots of time in the air i was able to pour through this magazine- one of those issues you keep looking at over and over! perfect because i had the time- thank god!

starting with the cover, francis ford coppola’s italian palazzo margherita was the source of the over and over. several years ago francis became owner of one of bernalda’s, a small town in southern italy, three grand villa’s. bernalda was the home of francis’ grandfather, therefore a means to rekindling family ties over the past 5 decades.

francis hired interior designer jacques grange, i’m a huge admirer, to be his partner in renovating the palazzo. francis has now opened the doors of palazzo margherita as a hotel. the palazzo is the fifth and most luxurious in a collection of hotels owned by mr. coppola.

here is the best part- during the over and overs i recognized some of my favorite things- bunny William’s beeline home furniture and lighting collection kept reoccurring over and over, room after room! the more i looked the more excited i became- antique dealer and showroom owner john rosselli’s, bunny’s husband, furniture, mirrors and lighting were everywhere also. you must know by now that bunny and john are two of my favorites– my home is filled with their treasures, i’m their biggest fan!

well needless to say i am now palazzo margherita’s biggest fan also- the history, jacques grange’s design (especially the tile work), roberto bellantuono hand-painted walls and ceilings, pierantonio bonacina rattan furniture, bunny’s beeline and mr. rosselli’s everything!

long story short- i found a treasure just when i had the time- the perfect combination of unfamiliar and familiar, all beautiful, all inspiring, all simply another trip away!

photographs by tim beddow for the world of interiors and james merrell for the wsj. magazine

suite no. 9- my favorite

suite no. 9 was previously a covered terrace

jacques designed the floor tiles and the hand painted ceiling and walls

another view of suite no. 9- love the beeline home eclipse arm chair at the desk

custom paintwork above tile by roberto bellantuono

tile work in suite no. 9 designed by grange- john rosselli lighting

a view from the street into the garden of palazzo margherita

the main salon, also a screening room. love the hand -painted walls, tile floors, painted furniture and wicker. beeline scroll side table and turquoise lamps anchor the sitting area.

the ‘family bar’

the walls in the ‘family bar’ are covered in a le manach fabric reproduced from a 1925 silk

a staircase with original dado decoration leading to the first-floor bedrooms- john rosselli furlow lanterns for visual comfort hang in the background

a chandelier designed by francis coppola and his wife and made locally hangs in the stairwell- john rosselli mirrors flank the stairwell

suite no. 4, previously sofia coppola’s bedroom- love!

suite no. 4 originally the dining room- custom cabinet by jacques grange.

handpainted walls by roberto bellantuono, painted pug benches from beeline at the end of bed and john rosselli latice bedside tables 

beeline furniture and pierantonio bonacina rattan furniture mixed together create a beautiful suite no. 4

windows in suite no. 4 overlook the central courtyard

jacques grange designed the ornate ceiling and tile work in the bathroom of suite no. 4- beeline black lacquered porters drink table next to bath tub

another view of suite no. 4 bathroom

garden suite no. 1 on the ground floor that opens directly onto the courtyard garden

garden suite no. 1 sitting room with vaulted ceiling 

garden suite no. 1 bathroom

garden no. 2

another view of garden no. 2- love beeline latice side chair as a desk chair- chic!

garden no. 2 bathroom- john rosselli lighting

suite no. 6 with a hand-painted fresco ceiling

beeline painted regale arm chairs and beeline nailhead sofa

suite no. 7- modernist inspired suite with ideas from roman coppola

john rosselli mirror hangs over deco inspired dresser and beeline home bench at the end of the bed

another view of suite no. 7- juliette balcony overlooks garden and courtyard below

suite no. 5 

john rosselli side tables, beeline furniture and lighting 

john rosselli faux boise side table- gorgeous!

suite no. 5 bathroom

suite no. 8 designed as a gift for gia coppola- beeline home inge bedside tables

beeline’s charlie chair provides comfortable seating in suite no. 8 

beeline nailhead sofa covered in a floral chintz adjacent to a john rosselli side chair- all this beauty simply a trip away!


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